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Laurier Montreal : Showering with 3 girls.

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It’s certainly a little macho as a title, but it’s really more the little irreverent side of the Laurier Montreal beauty company that has the slogan: “Because every memorable moment started in the shower,” which is not quite wrong. Remember the shower the day after a date that turned out, where you fell in love, this perfect moment is the one that the brand Laurier Montreal wants you to revive every time you take your shower.

Where Laurier Montreal came from?

No it’s not the street, it’s a Montreal beauty brand. In 2015, the Laurier Montréal brand appeared through ideas and a vision. As a result, the research and development process is taking shape. The brand’s ideology is evolving through travel and the desire to discover the world of creators. It is in 2016 that the brand really takes off with the creation of the MR & MS range. A partnership agreement is signed with one of the largest manufacturers of hair care products in Montreal. The ideology continues and finally sees the day by releasing its first samples of products, Axelle & Liam.

We are now in 2017 and Laurier Montreal continues to evolve and now has all its products confirmed and final. The team then flies to Iceland to realize the first visuals of the company. Back in Montreal, the craze really begins to be felt. Trade shows from across Quebec and many media are starting to talk about the brand. A few months later, Laurier Montréal officially launches its first line of hair care products MR & MS through its website and its distributors in Quebec,

With its 3 young owners with salons in the hairdressing industry, the brand has aroused a desire, a need for change among its creators.

A mission, individuality in beauty

Laurier Montréal - Couple

The mission of the group is inspired by the unique beauty of each human being and his freedom of expression. For Laurier, and this should be the case for all of us, individuality is the key. By creating your own “beauty”, you show elegance, grace, but especially originality.

It is the desire for adventure that is the reason why everything started. At a time when the art of living is not only about money and beauty, but love and time, where a multicultural curiosity pushes us to showcase the vast green spaces and hidden treasures Laurier Montréal’s mission is to help you restore this free spirit and inspire you to live your life to its full potential by enjoying every moment.


The 3 girls of Laurier Montreal

Laurier Montréal - Ms


The name AXELLE, whose etymology means “PEACE”, is a name dating back to the twentieth century that has always kept its nobility throughout the ages because of its femininity and grace. A perfect companion in the shower! AXELLE shampoo is phenomenally effective at washing hair and scalp. Thanks to its protective and antioxidant properties, as well as its amazing perfume of mint chocolate, it is the perfect care to clean your hair in depth and restore health, vigor and freshness.


The name AVERY, whose etymology means “POWER” and “WISDOM”, is a name taken directly from our ancestors and is seen again by the day through our conditioner for men. The AVERY conditioner, which is made with babassu oil as a bonus, has special features that act to hydrate your hair and make it healthier. Like AXELLE, AVERY has a sensational smell of menthol chocolate that will keep your hair cool throughout your adventures.


Laurier Montréal -Tonic

The name AMBER, whose etymology means “JOY TO LIVE,” represents amber, a magnificent gemstone. Thanks to its rare ingredients from small Caribbean islands and its exceptional properties, AMBER now finds itself traveling straight to Montreal through our MR range, and the third step of your hair care by Laurier Montreal. Proudly bearing the name of our men’s blu tonic, this men’s styling tonic will help you better style your hair while giving it volume and shine.

I must say that after the test, I really love the products, my hair is beautiful, soft and without dandruff. I really love the smell that is not too apparent compared to other shampoos recently tried. I will probably continue to buy local.

Laurier Montréal : For the women too.

Laurier Montréal - Mr

Because women as well as men are important for Laurier Montreal, a range of products with 3 names of men has been launched.

Here they are:


Of Irish origin and being the diminutive name William, this name can be translated as “WILL”. LIAM shampoo has many antioxidant and protective properties for the hair. Composed of optimal formulations protecting the biodiversity, its content, which you will find in our minimalist bottles, has as simple function to protect the product.


The name LEVI, whose etymology means “BE JOINED”, translates as “to be joined”. The LEVI conditioner, which is formulated as a bonus based on babassu oil, has special features that act to moisturize your hair and make it healthier.


The name LANDON, whose etymology means “LONG HILL”, is a name originating from Great Britain attributed to the devoted and persistent people in their conquest. LANDON Protective Balm offers not only a strong shine after using LIAM & LEVI, but also offers increased protection against heat and moisture.

The only downside I can say is that prices are still high, and there is a big difference between the US and Canadian prices, it’s unfortunate for a company here. It seems to me that prices should be lower, but good. I must also mention that I received mine as a gift. To order it’s here.

Photo credit: Laurier Montreal.


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