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Suitsupply Montreal : Dutch Fashion is in town!

While Spring has arrived and the season of balls will begin in a few weeks (McCord Museum Ball, McCord Museum Sugar Ball, The Sainte-Justine’s Ball (this friday), Les Printemps du MAC,  The Daffodil Ball, and many more) It’s time for you gentlemen to adjust your wardrobe for these very popular events! And for a few weeks, a new option is available to you with the brand new Suitsupply in Montreal.

Suitsupply Montréal -Entree

Photo: Suitsupply

Suitsupply Montréal - tie wall - mur de cravates

Photo: Normand Boulanger / RDPmag

I was at the launch of the flagship store in Montreal of the Dutch brand, and I must tell you that the store is beautiful! The store is deployed on 4,163 square feet. What strikes you when you enter is the immensity of the place, but also the clean and well-classified side of the European brand. What strikes us in ascending the first staircase is the gigantic wall of ties, the latter spreads out in all its splendor, the palette of the rainbow, giving us at the same time the taste of trying them all And buy them).

Suitsupply Montréal - Escalier Stairs

Photo: Suitsupply

Suitsupply Montréal - 3e etage - 3rd floor

Photo: Suitsupply

Next comes the shirts and jackets section, classified by color and size. This is the advantage of a brand store, they can afford to classify the same colors together while a department store must first classify its clothes by brands, and also has less choice than a store The flagship of a brand like Suitsupply where the choice is simply stunning.

Suitsupply Montréal - salle essayage - changing room

Photo: Normand Boulanger / RDPmag

Également, la présence quasi infinie de cabines d’essayage est à noter. C’est assez important lorsque l’on veut bien essayer un complet de l’enfiler adéquatement. Et les cabines d’essayages sont assez funky (comme celle juste en haut), je dois dire que je n’ai rien vu de tel à Montréal. Il ne faut pas oublier les chemises qui, lors de cette soirée, étaient cachées par le bar, mais sont présentes en grand nombre!

Mais c’est quoi Suitsupply Montréal?

Suitsupply Montréal - Ext

Photo: Suitsupply

With Suitsupply Montreal, the brand creates an entirely new market in the world of men’s fashion in Montreal, which allows them to distinguish themselves from all other existing clothing stores. Their innovative European style and determination to use only the finest materials, coupled with exceptional boutique service and affordable price range, is a revolutionary approach that not only delights customers and makes them return, Other tailors perplexed and curious to know the secret of their success.

Here’s a preview of the SS17 campaign  which you can find on their website.

Suitsupply Montréal - Mur de pub - ad wall

Photo: Normand Boulanger / RDPmag

You know better than me male readers read, ready-to-wear suits have invaded your wardrobes, often with stuff that do not do you very well, I prove it (yes, I too I bought a badly adjusted suit that gives me 3 times my weight), but Suitsupply Montreal offers you a better option: true, well-fitting suits. No detail is neglected and the touch-ups are done on the spot while you wait, allowing you to leave with a perfectly-tailored coat while not feeling like a number. The tailors set up in the center of each shop are the most obvious demonstration of the craft dedication of the company. It’s something when you think that in some chains, you have to wait up to a week for a jacket. This is perfect for the unbridled pace of our generation.

Suitsupply Montréal - Retouches - tailor

Photo: Normand Boulanger / RDPmag

Suitsupply, a spark in Montreal Men’s Fashion!

Suitsupply Montreal arrives here like spring, with a whole new energy to the more stylish part of fashion for man.

Tailoring always feels very established. We have a more unsystematic approach to it,” says CEO and founder Fokke de Jong.

This free spirited direction is made obvious by Suitsupply’s marketing and collections, but also by their choice of unusual store locations (Go see the Greenwich store).

“We are hardly ever between all the other fashion brands,” says de Jong.

“We convert interesting spaces like an old church, a penthouse office, or a big Soho loft into a comfortable and relaxed environment for our clients. In that matter we are like our customers. We are there for people who want to create their own space –not just to fit in, but to find their own fit. We want to relate to our customers in a natural way and combine product knowledge with personality to create an unmatched experience.”

Suitsupply prides itself on combining flair and creativity with craftsmanship and the latest technology to deliver outstanding results, quickly and effectively.

A little more on Suitsupply

Suitsupply Montréal - CEO Fokke de Jong and VP Nish de Gruiter at Miami location

Le PDG Fokke de Jong et le VP Nish de Gruiter

Suitsupply was started by Fokke de Jong in 2000 and in 16 years has grown to over 60 stores in Europe, the United States and Asia, in cities such as Milan, London, Zurich, Amsterdam, New York, Toronto Shanghai and Singapore. The company is privately held, and, in addition to their retail outlets, holds a very strong ecommerce presence, allowing them to bring that same high-quality tailoring and personal service to customers around the world.

Pourquoi Montréal?

 With its Old World charm and status as one of Canada’s premier hubs of culture, business, nightlife and fashion, Montreal’s fashion conscious city center is the ideal location for the European brand’s latest outpost. Bursting with a vibrant atmosphere that has become an easily-recognized brand staple, the store features muted wooden floors and playful furnishings that beautifully reflect the area’s perfect blend of excitement and refinement.

This new location carries full collections of ready-to-wear suits, jackets, trousers, shoes, shirts, outerwear and accessories in styles and sizes to cater to any taste and preference—all topped off with a made to measure department and in-store tailor for on-demand alterations; allowing everyone to leave with the perfect fit.

In an industry where fast fashion dominates and craftsmanship is fast disappearing, Suitsupply introduces a better option: one where no attention to detail or quality is ever spared. They have received widespread accolade from the likes of GQ, Esquire, and, perhaps most notably, a Wall Street Journal blind test that rated a $600 Suitsupply suit (The Sienna) in a first-place tie with a $3,600 Armani.

Suitsupply Montréal
2152 rue de la Montagne
Montréal, QC
H3G 1Z7 

Tel.  514 612 5292

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