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Audible Canada: The largest Selection of Audio Books in the country!

Having recently done a consultation for a Foundation that helps people with vision problems, I found it very interesting to see the arrival of Audible Canada, the largest seller and producer of audio books and oral content to download to the world , in Canada with the launch of it’s website, a service reserved for Canadians and Quebeckers.

Audible.ca is a vast selection of more than 300,000 audio books, original programming, lectures, comedies and more, including over 100 new titles from Quebec and Canada, in English and French. available from the launch or shortly thereafter. Not to mention local content in a long and short version, specially selected by Quebeckers, for Quebeckers.

To mark its launch, Audible.ca offers a special version of the award-winning Quebec novel LE MUR MITOYEN by Catherine Leroux, presented by Julie Le Breton as well as the novel THE HANDMAID’S TALE by Margaret Atwood, presented by Claire Danes, both offered free to all Quebeckers and Canadians for a period of one month.

Audible Canada, content from here and elsewhere for all

Audible Canada

“Honoring Canada’s distinctive literary and theatrical tradition and supporting the creation of rich local content, Audible Canada is a dedicated, authentic, and vibrant multi-language destination for English- and French-speaking Canadian consumers that puts Canadian talent and spoken-word content front and center,” said Audible founder and CEO Don Katz. “Millions of listeners around the world already turn to Audible to enhance the character and quality of daily life, and we look forward to delivering an even richer and more culturally resonant listening experience to our Canadian customers and customers to come.” “Audible has earmarked $12M CAD over the next three years to invest in Canadian writers and voices,” added Katz.

“Audible’s dedicated Canadian service is great news for Canadian writers of all kinds,” said Atwood. “Artful voice performance enhances text, and Audible gives authors access to a rapidly growing audience for whom listening is a wonderful way to experience gripping narratives and forceful words.”

Here are some of the titles and programs available soon after the launch of Audible Canada

  • COMMON GROUND by Justin Trudeau, read in French and English, with a new introduction by the Prime Minister
  • An unabridged recording of Margaret Atwood’s ALIAS GRACE, performed by Sarah Gadon
  • ANGEL CATBIRD, a dramatized, multi-voice production of Margaret Atwood’s graphic novels adapted for audio by the author
  • Roz Nay’s suspenseful cat-and-mouse thriller OUR LITTLE SECRET
  • Barbara Gowdy’s novels MISTER SANDMAN, FALLING ANGELS and WE SO SELDOM LOOK ON LOVE, available for the first time in audio
  • THEY CALLED ME NUMBER ONE, written and narrated by Bev Sellers, the author’s personal story of surviving a government-sponsored religious school to assimilate indigenous children
  • HELLGOING, Lynn Coady’s short story collection and winner of the 2013 Giller Prize
  • 2015 Governor General’s Literary Award for French Fiction winner SIX DEGRÉS DE LIBERTÉ by former Canada Reads winner Nicolas Dickner, performed by Atriana Reeves
  • Winner of the 11th Grand Prix de la relève littéraire Archambault and finalist in both Le Prix littéraire France-Québec and Prix des Cinq continents de la Francophonie in 2011, PETITE ET LE VIEUX by Marie- Renée Lavoie
  •  Jean-Jacques Pelletier’s thrilling mystery BAIN DE SANG, narrated by Jean Brassard

Audible’s service to Canadians is great news for all Canadian creators,” Atwood said. “An inspired reading enhances the text, and Audible offers authors access to a rapidly growing audience that focuses on listening to discover well-written texts. ”


In support of its unique virtual storefront for Canadian customers, Audible recently expanded its Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) audio book rights marketplace and production engine in Canada. ACX allows authors and publishers to work with professional comedians and producers to create audio books. Since its launch in June, ACX has added nearly 500 audio books by Canadian authors to the Audible service. Moreover, I wonder whether the book Juicy de mon amie Mélodie Nelson will be there;)

What is good about an initiative like Audible is that it helps people who are in a hurry, who do not know how to read, or who have limited abilities to be able to drink literary culture in spite of everything. A great addition to our digital culture.


President, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Gentologie.