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10 restaurants to try in 2017 in Montreal

So, 2017 has just begun and we already wonder where we will go to eat next. I tend to always try the same restaurants, but hey, here are 10 restaurants to try in 2017 in Montreal that I already or I would like to try (and I have not been invited to all openings unfortunately for you (and me)) , And I share them with you! By the way, these are not all new restaurants, but tops to try. And the choice is not easy. And they’re not in order.

Number 1 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017 : Kampaï Garden

10 restaurants à essayer en 2017 - Kampai_Garden

Source: Page Facebook du Kampaï Garden

Opened in mid-December, the Kampai Garden is the latest project of the A5 Hospitality Group (Apartment 200, Jatoba, Flyjin, Mayfair, etc.) and Antonio Park, the least that can be said is that this “Beer Garden” will make spark during 2017! I can’t wait to get there.

1616 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest
(514) 379-6161

Number 2 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Pastaga

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - Pastaga

La Pastaga, a classic, but I only visited for brunch and for one night with Langdon Hall Chef, Jason Bangerter (article in french) (which I visited this summer and which I must absolutely talk to you) in the kitchen. Martin (Juneau), I promise, I visit your restaurant in a few weeks!

6389 Boul. Saint-Laurent
(438) 381-6389

Number 3 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Hoogan et Beaufort

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - Hoogan et Beaufort

Again a restaurant that I visited, for aan event with Ford Canada, But I want to experience the real dishes of chef Marc-André Jetté, and spend an evening learning more about the restaurant process. In short, Marc-André, we will see soon!

4095 Molson
 (514) 903-1233

Number 4 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Le Serpent

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - Le Serpent

Source: Restaurant Le Serpent Facebook Page by Tora Photography

I hear only fine words from this restaurant by the creators of the now famous Club Chasse et Pêche and Le Filet. With the crazy risottos you see on the photos of this restaurant, you can not resist the urge to go.

257 rue Prince
(514) 316-4666

Number 5 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Hà

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - HÀ

Source: Restaurant HÀ Facebook Page

Even though the now famous founder, Mr. Hà died, the reputation of this restaurant continues to rise among the best in Montreal. This is definitely one of the Asian tables to try. Ironically, I passed by it 2-3 times in the last weeks, while I was totally unaware of its location previously.

243, avenue du Mont-Royal Ouest
(514) 848-0336

Number 6 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Emilianos

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - Emilianos

Source: Restaurant Emilianos Facebook Page

I unfortunately missed the opening this fall because of an English course (and yes the studies go first), but I hear only good, a classic Mexican, and well perfect to face the winter!

260 Rue Notre Dame Ouest
(514) 316-8017

Number 7 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Escondite

10 restaurants to try in 2017 -Escondite

Source: Escondite Facebook Page

Because we really need to warm up at the beginning of the year, another restaurant “Fuego” as my friends say Isabelle and Catherine. In short, a place that seem pretty fun party, but that is very small and fills up fast. So get there early or be patient!

1206 Union
(514) 419-9755

Number 8 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Restaurant les 400 coups

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - 400 coups

Source: Restaurant 400 Coups FAcebook Page

This restaurant, I hear about it for so long, besides my friend Tommy Dion aka Le Cuisinomane talks about a dish of this restaurant as one of his favorites in 2016 (article in french). So I can’t wait to try it soon. Please note that the restaurant is closed until 31 January. It will be perfect to warm us up in February.

400 Notre-Dame Est.
(514) 985-0400

Number 9 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Maggie Oakes

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - Maggie Oakes

The Grill restaurant at the brand new William Gray Hotel. It may not have the view from the terrace, but the decor is totally enchanting and the food (I got a few small bites at the opening) is splendid. Why not go for a walk during the Happening Gourmand which starts today until February 5th.

426 Place Jacques-Cartier
(514) 656-6000

Number 10 of 10 restaurants to try in 2017: Hotel Herman

10 restaurants to try in 2017 - Hotel Herman

Source: Hotel Herman Facebook Page

Ah, the former site of the Martin Juneau (Pastaga) La Montée de Lait, this place has nostalgia and experience within its walls. We just want to get in by seeing the pictures. To have tasted the dishes of Chef Marc-Alexandre Mercier at Omnivore 2015, I still don’t know why I haven’t have visited it yet.

5171, rue Saint-Laurent
514 278-7000

Photos: RDPmag par Normand Boulanger otherwise indicated.

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