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A 3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal from July 15 to 30, 2017!

On Saturday, July 15, the 3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal, the big festival of cooking in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles, will kick off with great fanfare. I should rather say celebration rather than Feast, since the event itself celebrates the cuisine of the world.

3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal: But what exactly is Bouffons Montréal?

It is a large gathering of several restaurateurs on the Esplanade Clark (the site is even bigger than before) during the Just for Laughs Festival, to offer festivalgoers an interesting food mix instead of the traditional hot dogs and hamburgers As do several festivals. And there is choice!

Before going to the food section, here is a little more on the place, access to the site is free, it is a party atmosphere, there is a wooden boardwalk (always practical during the rainy days), (It’s good to rest under the sun), a new central Tiki bar (we like the Tiki is not it?), Animations of all kinds and dj to bring you to Late in the evening.

With nearly 600,000 people in 2 weeks last year, the site will now occupy the entire quadrangle of the Esplanade, you will be happy to count on shadows, which were rare last year. Also, you will find even more restaurateurs than in 2016, quite difficult to beat but good, and all at affordable prices.

3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal: A godmother and a godfather!

3e édition de Bouffons Montréal - 3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal

Sommelier, entrepreneur and host, Jessica Harnois has worked for the largest establishments in the world and has also been for nearly four years buyer for the prestigious wines (SAQ Signature & Courrier vinicole) of the Société des alcools du Québec. Jessica has also designed three Italian wines including the popular BÙ wine. She will be present on the site with Vins au Féminin (Savori) and the wine agency LBV.

Marc-André Jetté is an important figure in Montreal’s modern and innovative cuisine. He is the owner of the restaurant Hoogan and Beaufort, as well as the high-end event caterer: Marc-André: Le Traiteur. Its presence at BOUFFONS! MTL will of course bear the distinctive elements of its approach at Hoogan and Beaufort, that is to say make its letters of nobility to the firing of wood: cooking in embers, burning, smoking, roasting . Prepare yourself for breathtaking grills …

3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal: Going around the gastronomic world

3e édition de Bouffons Montréal - 3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal - Plat-Food

Once again this year, Bouffons Montréal offers you the opportunity to discover all the richness of culinary multiculturalism of the great metropolis: you will find there specialties of Canada of course, but also Japan, Italy, Vietnam, Mexico , Jamaica, the French West Indies, France, England, the Mediterranean, Tunisia, India, the United States and more.

You will find everything. From grilled meats to Mexican tacos, decadent waffles, wine and cocktail tastings, to artisan beers, to sumptuous ice cream and candy barbecues, in short, whether you’re sweet or salty, there’s something for everyone! ! Let us also mention the vegetarians and vegan who will not be left behind with an abundant offer.

Here are all the favorite participants from previous editions who are back to Bouffons! Mtl this year:

  • Belgh Brasse
  • Les marques Constellation Québec
  • Le Café du Nouveau Monde
  • Divin Paradis
  • Es-tu Gaufré?
  • L’Express St-Zotique
  • Gaufrabec
  • Geloso – Pepito
  • Gusta
  • Imadake
  • Jerry – Casse-croûte du terroir
  • Lacrem
  • Lo’s Lemonade
  • Mandy’s
  • Marius
  • Mill Street
  • Patate Malette
  • La Porchetta
  • Poutine Factory
  • Queue de Castor
  • Restaurant Maïs
  • Le Smoking BBQ
  • Les Subversifs
  • La Tournée des Fromages d’Ici

BOUFFONS! MTL is proud to welcome the new participants 2017:

  • Beau’s
  • Birona Hummus Bar
  • Bonbon remède
  • BooziPop
  • Boldwin
  • Brit & Chips
  • Les Brunchs de Mathieu
  • Chez Tomio
  • Le Charlie’s
  • Choose Life
  • Comité Régional de Tourisme Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
  • Confiserie Mignon
  • Copper Branch
  • Derf Jerky
  • Fluffy Puff
  • Les Givrés
  • Greg’s Diner
  • Hoogan et Beaufort
  • Johnsonville Sausage
  • Kahwa Café
  • Lemon Lemon
  • Masa cuisine de rue
  • La Pimenterie
  • Ricard
  • Sandhu
  • Saveur Soleil
  • Savori et LBV International
  • Smoking Vallée & Lannes et Pacifique
  • Sushi Taxi

3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal: Lovers of wines, beers and spirits will not be outdone!

Amer, strong, sweet, artisanal or micro, there will be for all taste buds with biological beers Boldwin, Beau’s, Mill Street, beer from Hoogan and Beaufort, as well as the famous beers Mons and Bittt in Tibi.

On the wine side, connoisseurs and connoisseurs will be spoiled for choice, with the wines of Divin Paradis, LBV International, as well as the wines Woodbridge and Private Selection by Robert Mondavi.

On the cocktails and spirits side, festival goers will certainly find their account: from Ricard pastis to the Lillet wine aperitif, to the exceptional cocktails of the Subversives, and a vast selection of Sangria!

3rd edition of Bouffons Montreal: An animation related to the site

The sun will certainly be present when Ricard and the Comité Régional de Tourisme Provence will be present on the pétanque field, and as it is every day, it’s just perfect! What better way to enjoy a cocktail than a game of pétanque, a glass of Ricard by hand or one of the exceptional products of the Provence region. To make dream.

Presented by Savori and the agency LBV International, the 5 to 7 Vins au Féminin will allow you to learn about wines by participating in the “Yeux-Nez-Bouche” workshop hosted by sommelier Nathalie Richard. All day long, you can also enjoy the VEGAS tasting, prepared by the sommelier Jessica Harnois.

And every day in the evening on the site, let yourself be carried by the rhythms of the best DJ’s, between 17h and 23h!

In parallel, the broadcast of the program Bouffons TV animated by Jean-François Prégent from Monday to Friday 17h30 from July 10 to July 29 on V TV.

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Schedule: from noon to 11 pm from 15 to 30 July.

We were talking about Bouffons Montréal in our latest YouTube capsule!

Visit the website of Bouffons Montréal by following this link!

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