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The Flower Power by Manu Ruiz at Saint Sushi Bar

The Flower Power by Manu Ruiz

For our ninth article in our series “Behind the Bar“, the eight being The Lan Zhou by Justin Daigle we present the Flower Power by Manu Ruiz. Usually Manu holds the reins of the Royal, where you will find the Snoop, but he also concocts cocktail menus for restaurants, such as Saint Sushi in Westmount. This series will introduce you to cocktails that you can enjoy in the best cocktail bars in Canada.

The story behind the cocktail of Manu Ruiz

So Manu, where does the inspiration for the cocktail come from?

In fact, for here, I hesitated between several cocktails to make you. The menu here comes from different cocktails that I made during the year through competitions, for example, the one I presented to Bacardi Legacy, the Para Adelante !, it’s a nod to my year cocktail. It’s a wink hippie to my mother, and also to Japanese flowers.

When working for an Asian restaurant, do the cocktails follow the same path, the same ingredients?

Not necessarily, but at the same time their Old Fashioned, the Saint Old Fashioned, is made with the Japanese Whiskey FUYU, however, we do not want to go typically Asian ingredients for not doing what others do. We do not want to be cliché. Here, they are friends, we collaborate together and their restaurant Saint Sushi, is very Montreal by mixing several flavors.

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The recipe to succeed the Flower Power by Manu Ruiz

The Flower Power by Manu Ruiz -Sashimi

Photo: Normand Boulanger | RDPMAG


  • 1 oz of Bombay Sapphire gin
  • ¾ oz of Sivo rhubarb liqueur
  • ¾ oz of de vermouth Cocci Rosa
  • 3 dashs of Peychaud bitters
  • 3 dashs of green strawberry and pepper Mah KwanSerop bitters
  • ¼ oz of pink pepper
    • Infuse pink pepper in a simple syrup (half water / half sugar)


  • Put everything in a maxing glass with ice
  • Make about 30 rounds of spoon
  • Put in an Old Fashioned glass with a big cube of ice
  • Decorate with  a flower

Stunning in a paring with salmon sashimi and green apples

Saint Sushi
1359 Av Greene
Westmount, QC
H3Z 2A5

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