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Poutine Week 2017: The Poutine Kings are back!

I have known Na’eem for a few years, to be more precise, the time when he had a blog called “Méchant Mangeur”. It is no surprise that this great hungry created with his friend Thierry Rassam, first the Burger Week, and then the Poutine Week, and here we go to Poutine Week 2017.

And what a great idea, to attract foodies from the four corners of the world to Montreal, than to comfort them with the national dish that is poutine. Often, it is love from the first bite and then we want more and more, whether it is at noon, at dinner or at 3:00 AM leaving a little too tired of a great evening. When we are on our first steps as a poutine lover, we love to stay in the classics, but we quickly discover that it can be transformed and presented in many ways, all more creative than the others, Thanks to the addition of a variety of ingredients to the traditional mixture of French fries, cheese and sauce.

The Quest for the best Poutine!

Taberna - Semaine de La Poutine Week 2017


The quest for the best poutine in town can however prove to be a daunting challenge given that, admittedly, the number of delicious options is simply amazing (let’s think again about the origin, Drummundville or Victoriaville?)! It is in this context of love-hate, we must not eat every day anyway, that takes place La Semaine de la Poutine Week 2017 – a gastronomic festival lasting a full week, a tribute to all The foodies amateurs of poutines, inviting them to celebrate and to offer the most delectable and recognized Quebec dish!

Escondite - Semaine de La Poutine Week 2017



For the fifth consecutive year, from the February 1st to the 7th, Poutine Week 2017 will be held, which will offer Montreal restaurants the opportunity to present to all poutine lovers as well as to the rest of the world Whole, their best poutine recipes. So, next time anyone will try to choose the best place to eat and to afford this unique pal will all know that there is no better time than the Poutine Week to taste this iconic dish in all the sauces.

C’est donc dans plus de 50 restaurants à travers Montréal et plus d’une centaine au Québec, chacun des restaurants devant créer sa propre poutine, inspirée de son menu et de sa cuisine. Durant la durée du festival, prenant place du 1er au 7 février, les restaurants participants se disputeront la chance de gagner l’un des trois prix de La Semaine de La Poutine Week 2017, soit le prix « Choix du Jury », où un panel de juges experts en matière de poutine détermineront soigneusement laquelle de celles présentées par les restaurants les aura impressionnés le plus, le prix « La Plus Créative », remis au restaurant présentant la poutine la plus originale et créative, ainsi que le prix « Vote Populaire », pour lequel tous les participants seront appelés à voter en ligne pour leur poutine de prédilection. (www.lapoutineweek.com/en)

Foodora, new partner for Poutine Week 2017!

For the first time ever, La Poutine Week has partnered with foodora, an on-demand delivery service that connects foodies to more than 250 upscale restaurants in Montreal. Additionally, as a novelty this year, participating partner restaurants will have the opportunity to compete for the “Foodie Choice Foodora.ca Choice Award” awarded to the restaurant whose poutine has been delivered the most.

With the POUTINE promotional code, foodora will also offer $ 10 discount to new customers placing a $ 20 order at participating restaurants including Taberna, Gourmet Burger, Notre-Boeuf-de-Grace, Burger Bar Crescent, Le Smoking BBQ, and much more.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with  Poutine Week 2017 and to make it easier and faster to deliver the best poutines in town directly to Montreal foodies,” says Sandy White, City of Montreal Service Manager at foodora Montreal.

Poutine Week 2017, an opportunity for restaurants owner

The annual growth surrounding La Poutine Week has two components – the first being a direct result of the economic opportunities arising from the participation of each restaurant. As co-founder Thierry Rassam explains: “At the very beginning, when we started Poutine Week, our mission was, and still is, to help stimulate restaurants economically, through this fun, delicious idea Adventurous. He adds “Every year, all the participating restaurants benefit greatly from our festival; Many of them were even caught short and lacked provisions and made record sales during Poutine Week! This surge in sales is even more important since the winter months are traditionally the quietest. ”

La Champagnerie - Semaine de La Poutine Week 2017

La Champagnerie

Secondly, as Na’eem Adam explains, “The popularity and steady growth that La Poutine is experiencing also stems from the fact that the event is more than just a gastronomic festival. We technically become the best and the only platform offering foodies an opportunity to discover the best poutines that their city has to offer. We are a real and decisive factor in the quest for the best poutines in our province. ”

“Since poutine is an international symbol of Québec culture, our goal is to ensure that the Quebec edition of La Semaine de la Poutine becomes a world-renowned gastronomic festival, where foodies from all over the world will eventually gather in Our province to take part in this delicious cultural movement and spend a week gorging on POUTINE! – Na’eem Adam & Thierry Rassam, co-founders of Poutine Week.

Pour plus d’information concernant La Semaine de La Poutine Week 2017, visitez le www.lapoutineweek.com

Article tiré du magazine RDPmag Hiver 2017

Photos: Olya Krasavina

President, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Gentologie.