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Gentologie is taking you on the road to visiting the Niagara Wineries. On the menu: Tawse, Stratus, Pearl Morissette, Southbrook and more.

A truly interesting getaway to discover some of the best wines in Canada

Visit Wine Country Ontario to learn more about visiting the Niagara Wineries

Some tips for a great discovery of the Niagara wineries:

  • Plan your itinerary, some wineries can be at more than an hour from each other
  • Check for the restaurant that you can find and make reservations (some wineries have great restaurants)
  • Groceries can be a great alternative if you stay at an Airbnb
  • A tasting and a visit can take few hours, plan your time ahead if you do some reservations
  • Make a budget if you plan to bring back a few bottles that you may not find in your local wine sellers.