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The Auberge St-Gabriel Wine rendez-vous : Ann Sperling & Peter Gamble

On March 7th, L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel & Delaney Vins & Spiritueux  organized the first event of their series The Wine Rendez-Vous, a “winemaker’s dinner” with the winemakers Ann Sperling and Peter Gamble of Southbrook Vineyards (Niagara), Sperling Vineyards (Okanagan Valley) and Versado (Argentina).

01- Rendez-Vous du Vin Sperling Wine rendez-vous

These fantastic winemakers have more than 30 years of experience in the wine industry, and have worked on several wine projects including Cedar Creek Estate Winery, Malivoire, Stratus Vineyards, Benjamin Bridge and Wolfville Vineyards.

I must tell you that the wines mentioned in this article are in private import from Delaney Wines and Spirits.

02-Table Sperling Wine rendez-vous

Wine rendez-vous pairing with Ann Sperling and Peter Gamble

First, we were greeted by sommelier Jean Benoit Hinse with the sparkling wine méthode traditionelle, Sperling Brut, Okanagan Valley 2010. A simply perfect wine.

03 - Sperling Brut Wine rendez-vous

04 - Oyster Sperling Huîtres Wine rendez-vous

We start with the first creation of the chef Ola Claesson, oysters “Trésor du Large” of the Magdalen Islands, with a jelly of sea water and pear. The whole accompanied marvelously the sparkling wine mentioned above.

05- Caille rotie Sperling Roasted Quail Wine rendez-vous

Then, to pair the Pinot Gris, still from Sperling Vineyards, Okanagan Valley 2014, it was a beautiful Roasted Quail with Fregola Sarda (the small yellowish marbles you see underneath), Sultana grapes, apricot And coriander microgreens.

06 -Petoncles Sperling Scallops

Then we go to the Orange Wine of Vidal, from Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2015, with the unilateral cooked scallop, puy lardon lentils and saffroned poultry juice. A delight. With the scallop, it was simply the perfect combination because the palette a little drier of the latter was highlighted with the bacon and the poultry juice.

07 - Short rib de Boeuf Sperling Beef Short Rib

Subsequently, what I consider to be the best dish of the evening, the five-spice braised beef short rib, roasted carrots, red beets, stuffed potatoes and reduced cooking juices, perfectly accompanied the Cabernet-Merlot, also from Southbrook Vineyards, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2007. This short rib was so tender that it cut with a fork. Honestly, I still dream it was so delicious. And the wine selected went perfectly for the subtleties and the braised notes of the wine. An incredible meal.

08 - Dessert Sperling

For the last service, it was the Bleu d’Elizabeth Cheese with a compote of blueberries, a blackberry and a walnut bread. All to accompany marvelously the Malbec of the Versado Estate, Lujan de Cuyo, Argentina, 2014.

It was a wonderful evening full of discovery with the wines of Ann Sperling and Peter Gamble, even though I knew them a bit for visiting Southbrook last summer. Follow us to be aware of the next wine events at the Auberge St-Gabriel, which should be held in early May.

Photos: Normand Boulanger

President, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Gentologie.