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City of Trois-Rivières City Guide – Where to Eat, Drink and Discover.

City Guide - City of Trois-Rivières

While we were exploring it, what was our surprise to find a city that is moving and is really in full effervescence, the City of Trois-Rivières, is really more than a pit stop between Montreal and Quebec City.

Founded in 1634, Trois-Rivières has evolved ever since. With a revival of life for the past 10 years, it can be said that the city has resumed its place in the regions to visit in Quebec. With the new Cogeco amphitheater where until recently Cirque du Soleil with its ephemeral show Stone. It must be said that the arrival of this outdoor amphitheater really gave a new impetus to the city, and that allows it to have a diversified cultural offer and unique compared to other regions of Quebec.

City Guide - City of Trois-Rivières - Hotel Delta

It must be said that the buildings do not stop, the Delta Trois-Rivières, the hotel that welcomed us, undergoes a complete transformation. The new rooms are beautiful, the beds ultra comfortable, in short, it would be hard to ask for more. The projects around the hotel are bubbling, including a brand new congress center, in short, the city is in motion.

It is a city that moves a lot with a maximum of activity to do, besides it is very pleasant to walk on the banks, there is a superb walk, besides it would be really interesting that the latter leads up to in the Cogeco amphitheater, but you can lose yourself for long periods. It is also on this walk that is found the restaurant Poivre Noir, probably one, if not the largest table of Trois-Rivières. Unfortunately, I did not have time to do it, my stay being very short, however, I was able to visit a few places.

What is good about Trois-Rivières, even if we had a car loaned by Ford Canada, is that the city is really working well, especially if you are in the city center where the majority of urban attractions are located.

The Story of the City of Trois-Rivières.

City Guide - City of Trois-Rivières - Old Port Stairs

Borealis for example, although not very far from the city center is better by car considering the winding itinerary it requires. Borealis is the discovery of the world of pulp and paper, which was the bread and butter of Trois-Rivières not so long ago. Dare to dive and you will discover another very interesting part of the city.

Des tops spots to eat and drink

It was a very short stay with a busy evening. On the other hand, downtown Trois-Rivières is full of restaurants. Just find the spot where you want to go.

La Maison de Débauche

City Guide - City of Trois-Rivières - La Maison de Débauche

361, rue des Forges

City of Trois-Rivières, QC, Canada

We were invited to this friendly bistro. It serves good local beer like Le Trou du Diable for example. The place seems to be looking a little, with such a varied menu that you do not know what to take, and even the waiters are a bit confused about the specialties of the place.

The burger you see on the picture was excellent. Meat cooked to the point, just well seasoned. In short, One does not stay on his appetite. I found the portion of fries a little big, but hey, that’s my choice.

Want to come with the kids, this place is perfect for that, it’s noisy, and there’s something for even the most challenging on the menu.


City Guide - City of Trois-Rivières - EPI

119, rue Radisson

City of Trois-Rivières, QC  Canada

A brand new restaurant (it was not open when I walked past). It is a charming little cafe to what I can deduce. With only 36 seats, the restaurant which works in partnership with the Jardins Dugré proposes an inventive and original cuisine, both in the plate and in the glass by the variety of its supply. The quality of the raw materials, their proximity and their ecological impact are fundamental values in Épi and are evoked both in the dishes and in the aestheticism of the restaurant. To discoverr (source: Épi website)

Le Poivre Noir

1300, rue du Fleuve

City of Trois-Rivières, QC  Canada

Probably the most famous restaurant in Trois-Rivières. On the site of TourismTrois-Rivières, it is said:  “At Le Poivre Noir turbulence must reign in the plates.

Each dish on the menu has been carefully chosen for its taste and nutritional qualities, composed, as far as possible, by fresh and original local products with the aim of encouraging producers, making them known and enhancing their skills and know- make.

In summer, a “tapas bar“, with outdoor kitchen and views of the river. A sensory experience that you will not soon forget!“

Don’t hesitate to read my friend Marie-Noël Ouimet from Urbaine City blog post (in french) who try the restaurant this summer.

Top spots for Coffee

We will say it right away, find a place to lunch / bruncher downtown Trois-Rivières weekdays, it’s not obvious. I have nevertheless found some places

Café Frida

City Guide - City of Trois-Rivières - Café Frida

15, rue des Forges

City of Trois-Rivières, QC  Canada

It’s probably the most urban place in Trois-Rivières, it feels like Montreal’s Mile-End. Toast with avocado, latte, in short, not a huge menu, but the service is impeccable and the staff so helpful. Everything is perfect.

Lunch and dinner are also served.

Café Morgane.

Multiple locations

The place is specialized in coffee, you will find everything you pick. At the food menu though, it is a bit less sought after, croissants, muffins. Essentials of the traveler or the hurried walker.

Nys Pâtissier

1449, rue Notre-Dame Centre

City of Trois-Rivières, QC  Canada

Here, it is the paradise of pastry. It is a gourmet shop with a coffee corner, a complete house menu, Viennese pastries and other sweets made with passion. In short, everything for the good gourmand who seeks a little comfort.

For the beer afficionados.

Some must-haves for lovers of hops, in addition to being able to walk downtown, these places are very festive and you will surely have fun.

Le Buck

Here we drink and eat, created in partnership with the micro-brewery Le Trou du Diable in Shawinigan, also called the Hole, it is a beautiful place and the menu seems decadent if I judge by their account Instagram. Your table neighbor does not like beer, their selection of wines is not piqued worms either. Note that brunch will be back in the fall.

Le Temps d’une pinte  

When one of our acquaintances in Trois-Rivières, Mr. Denis Roy, who is for us Montrealer, Mr. Trois-Rivieres, recommends a place to us, we know that we are not going to be wrong. When you say that it is a micro-brewery in addition, you can hardly miss it. The problem is also that you want to taste everything. In short, a place not to be missed.

Le Trèfle

If you know this place in Montreal, here is the original. Beers, scotch, and a typically Irish festive atmosphere. You are sure to have a good time with excellent products, there is something for everyone since it is nearly a hundred that we find on the menu! Who knows, you may fall on a show evening where the atmosphere is simply overcrowded! A little St-Patrick what.

The best places for Culture lovers.

Musée de la Culture Populaire

200, rue des Forges

City of Trois-Rivières, QC  Canada

Culture fan you have to get there. The magnificent exhibition on comics in Quebec, which runs until September 9, 2018, is a must-see with its reference to the new era of the graphic novel, Gargouille and the new comic books.

For fans of Western, the exhibition Our Wild West, over the 50 years of the Western Festival of St-Tite is not to be missed. Did you know that the origin of this festival is an initiative of the company G.A. Boulet who organized a rodeo to promote its new orientation towards Western boots. This is only one of the things you can learn by crossing the western doors of the expo. To visit before or after your visit to the St-Tite festival;)

City Guide - City of Trois-Rivières - Vieille Prison

Veille prison de Trois-Rivières

But that’s not all, the museum also offers a visit to the old prison of Trois-Rivières. Do not be shy, and go for a ride of this attraction which will make you see in another eye the daily life of the prisoners. You will probably come out with another look at the life of the prisoners.

Among the other attractions that I have unfortunately not had, is the Forges-du-Saint-Maurice National Historic Site, the birthplace of the first industrial community in Canada!

Want to save, the Trois-Rivières Museums Card is just perfect for the culture fan who wants to maximize his experience in Trois-Rivières. And at $ 30 it’s really a bargain!

To recharge.

You came to the Trois-Rivières area to rest? The KiNipi spa & nordic bath is perfect for you, relaxation, and good food are on the menu and only a few minutes from downtown Trois-Rivières.

8210, boulevard des Forges

City of Trois-Rivières, QC  Canada


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Article originally published in the Autumn 2017 magazine

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