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Welcome to Gentologie (NEQ: 2273470858 – gentologie.com) Here are the terms of use of the site.

The content of this website is the property of Gentologie and cannot be reused without the written consent of Gentologie. Neither the photos nor the text can be copied, even with credit, without prior authorization.
We are not responsible for any problem related to the use of this website (hack, virus, technical problem, etc.). We are also not responsible for the content of the platforms to which the external links of this site refer.
We are not responsible for the activities or products you try after reading the articles. Although we do everything in our power to ensure the accuracy of the information mentioned, we do not accept any responsibility if it turns out to be false or if it is not up to date, if your assessment is different or if an incident occurs during from your experience.Comments are always appreciated. Please note, however, that a few rules are in place to ensure that discussion on this site is conducted with respect. Anonymous comments will not be approved (you must provide a first name and a valid email address).ADVERTISING : Unauthorized commercial, advertising, or promotional comments left under blog posts will be immediately deleted.

LANGUAGE : Negative and constructive comments are tolerated, but any comment that could be interpreted as hateful, sexist, racist, homophobic, defamatory or inappropriate will be withdrawn without notice. No coronation will be tolerated.


  • Attacks between different subscribers of the page will not be tolerated.
  • Capitalized comments are strongly discouraged.
  • Look and feel comments – positive and negative – have no place here and may be deleted at our sole discretion.
  • Non-relevant (confusing or repetitive or repetitive, irrelevant comments may be deleted.

Please do not share personal information on this website (in addition to your email address, which is necessary to leave a comment). If you want to check the status of an order or ask a specific question that requires the sharing of an address, telephone number or any other confidential information, please send an email to [email protected].

DISCLOSURE : We undertake to identify any sponsored article.

APPLICATION OF REGULATIONS: The Gentology team will moderate the conversations at least once a day. Please note, however, that in no case is a response to your comment guaranteed. People who break these rules will have their comments deleted immediately. If they continue, they will receive a warning, after which they will be banned from the site.

These terms of use could be modified at any time.

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Last update : March 25, 2020

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