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Celebrate the Riesling birthday in full swing!

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Exactly 674 years ago today, March 13, 1435, a German administrator by the name of Klaus Kleinfish had noted on a bill of Count John IV of Katzenelnbogen that he had bought Rieslingen-type vines, so this time that what is now called Riesling has come into being and today we are celebrating the Riesling birthday.

The Riesling Birthday, talk about a modernized wine

Riesling Birthday - Burg Ravensburg Riesling 2016

Credit: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

More than 600 years later, this wine has evolved a lot and has changed a lot. It is now among the favorites of sommeliers and chefs everywhere on the planet because of its versatility and ease of agreement with the different dishes.

What makes Riesling stand out?

Riesling Birthday - South Bay Blonde + Burg Ravensburg Riesling

Credit: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

While many still believe that Riesling is a sweet wine, so sweet, it is rather a wine with profiles of various flavors and therefore pleasant for the palates of your different guests. In gastronomy, depending on its variety, it’s raining with fish, shellfish (such as South Bay Blonde oysters taken at La Mer Fish Market, our photo), poultry and even pork

Varieties: The demi-sec is ideal with dishes Asian riesling for exampleThe sweet riesling when it is the perfect match with cheeses, desserts and foie gras, like that of our friends from Rougié for example.Most rieslings on the market usually have a lower alcohol to that of other wines. with its acidity, they are perfect to savor summer in hot weather

A suggestion to celebrate Riesling Birthday

Riesling Birthdayg - Pinterest

Credit: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

The Burg Ravensburg Riesling 2016.

The latter, which we received at Gentologie, is simply perfect. It goes really well with South Bay Blonde oysters. he’s just a little bubbly, the one we love about Riesling. Mineral notes of fruit, and good acidity, which balance the wine very well. Its little organic side will appeal to fans of the genre. To be enjoyed with fish, poultry or as an appetizer.

To learn more about German wines in Canada, follow this link.

Bon appétit!


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