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Summer of Chefs 8th Edition at Balnéa Spa

The article on the Summer of Chefs was originally published in our 2017 Summer Magazine

It was Tuesday, June 20th that we were received at Spa Balnéa de Bromont to cover the unveiling of the 8th edition of the Summer of the Chefs.

This unmissable summer gastronomic happening is back for an 8th year. Gastronomy, Champagne, bikini and sunshine gathered to launch the summer festivities.

There are 10 great chefs who will make your taste buds this summer. A sensory experience with chic picnic tunes at the beach club.

But hey, what’s the Summer of Chefs?

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Taittinger 2

Crédit: Normand Boulanger


Basically, every Sunday in the summer of July 2 to September 3, the beach club of the BALNEA thermal reserve becomes the favorite festive destination, as it will host, in turn, ten of the greatest chefs in Quebec . Their challenge: to inflame public and jury with their unsurpassed talents and their colorful plates!

Let’s start at the beginning, it was a wonderful transport that was organized by the media by Kava Tours, an excellent initiative as the drink is at will at these evenings and it must also be said that the BALNEA is about 1 hour from Montreal.


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Andréane Rousseau

Andréane Rousseau from Philippe Dandurand Wine
Credit: Normand Boulanger

Once changed, we go outside, where a cokctail concocted with the products of Domaine Neige awaits us. While the temperature is uncertain we decend in order to wait after the opening word. It is then that the rain of puts of the part.

On the other hand, the organizers have planned the coup and several shelters are available. As the rain stops, the co-owners of the place, Stéphanie Émond and Denis Laframboise present us a little the 8th edition, and the genesis, all under the double rainbow that has just come.

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Jimmy Hamelin

The photographer Jimmy Hamelin after the rain
Credit: Normand Boulanger


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs 2017-06-20_17105566_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin

Crédit: Jimmy Hamelin

Let’s start with the jury. The latter is eclectic and not only appeals to gastronomic journalists, but also to epicurean personalities and passionate about the art of living. Natasha Gargiulo, Annie-Soleil Proteau, Marie-Christine Proulx, Mayssam Samaha, Na’eem Adam, as well as the patrons of honor Jean-Philippe Tastet and Stéphanie Émond, will have the difficult task of determining the dish and the Leader who deserves to be crowned winner of this 8th edition of the Summer of Chefs.


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Taverne F

Crédit: Normand Boulanger

For the first time, each member of the jury will be twinned with two favorite chefs and will have the mission to encourage them throughout this friendly competition. The juror who sponsors the winner of the Grand Prize will be awarded $ 10,000 to be offered to the foundation of his choice. As what philanthropy, gastronomy and spa can harmonize.


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs 2017-06-20_16024522_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin

Crédit: Jimmy Hamelin

So, over the course of the weeks, the dish of each of the chefs will be on the menu of their respective restaurant, but that is not all, because the clientele of BALNEA, it will have the pleasure to discover them and to taste them all, Been in a very refined atmosphere!

Every Sunday from July 2nd to September 3rd, the invited chefs will propose their BALNEA Flavor, a colorful, refined and healthy dish.

In the order of appearance :

  • Suzy Rainville (Baumann Smokehouse)Simon Mathys (Manitoba)
  • James Baran & Xavier Rousseau (Kampai Garden)
  • Hakim Chajar (Miel)
  • Martin Juneau (Pastaga)
  • Stéphanie Audet (LOV)
  • Jean-Paul Aubry (Taverne F par Ferreira) Kimberly Lallouz (le restaurant du MAC & Monsieur)
  • Mandy Wolfe (Mandy’s)
  • Ross Louangsignotha (Hà)

As we said earlier, their creation will also be featured on the Participants’ Restaurants menu until September 3rd. The chefs’ recipes will be broadcast exclusively on the web platform of Dînette Magazine, the official media partner of the 8th edition.


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Lac

Crédit: Normand Boulanger

Because it is not only the chefs who win, the public can also win by enjoying a dish, is not it wonderful! With each tasting at one of the participating restaurants or at BALNEA, you are invited to vote at balnea.ca for the chance to win the public award:

  • Gourmet Tour of 10 Restaurants
  • An annual membership card for a couple in BALNEA
  • 12 massages
  • One bottle of Champagne Brut Reserve Taittinger
  • A set of products Institut Esthederm Paris
  • An annual subscription to Dinette Magazine
  • A luxurious bathrobe BALNEA (they are so comfy)!


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Taittinger

Crédit: Normand Boulanger

Because we love our friends at Philippe Dandurand and they were there with several of their wine, but especially with the Grand Champagne Taittinger! Why Taittinger? Because for the latter, it is a great passion for gastronomy and wine: this is what inspired Pierre Taittinger to create Champagne Taittinger in 1932.

It is in this spirit of finesse that Taittinger will mark the gastronomic event that is the Summer of the Chefs of its effervescent touch. Also, we have also had a sweet note that you will also have, since Mr. Wilson, ice cream merchant, will be Sundays of the Summer of the chefs with among others, his Ice BALNEA composed of yogurt glazed with vanilla, Rosemary nut, salt flower, freshly ground pepper, olive oil and fresh basil. That will delight the great gourmands!


Because it is important to enjoy the festivities while preserving the beauty of its skin, Esthederm sun protection applications will be offered at the BALNEA Beach Club during the summer. What to leave without unfortunate sunburn after a great day at the spa!



Try to guess which dish was made by which chef, to find out, visit them at the BALNEA or in their respective restaurants. These beautiful pictures of Jeff Frenette give us water to mouth !.


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Jeff Frenette - Balnea - Ete des Chefs - Baumann - Accord

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Hà Ross Louangsignotha

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Kampai Garden James Baran Xavier Rousseau

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs LOV Stéphanie Audet

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs MAC Kimberly Lallouz

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Manitoba Simon Mathys

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Miel Hakim Chajar

Crédit: Jeff Frenette


Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Mandys Mandy Wolfe

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs Tarverne F Jean-Paul Aubry

Crédit: Jeff Frenette

Have a good Summer of Chefs!

Été des Chefs | Summer of Chefs 2017-06-20_16024522_photo_by_Jimmy_Hamelin

Crédit: Jimmy Hamelin

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