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The Bacardi Mojito in 9 easy steps, perfect for hot weather!

The Bacardi Mojito - Cover

Here is a little recipe that I love to do in summer, the Bacardi Mojito that you can find on their website, no this ticket is not sponsored by the SAQ or Bacardi, it’s just that I love this rum and it’s just perfect for this refreshing recipe.

The Bacardi Mojito Recipe

  • 2 ounces of Bacardi Superior rum (white gives better result)
  • A dozen mint leaves
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 1 lime (lime)
  • Sparkling water (also known as Club Soda)
So first step, take the mint leaves, mix and hit together, go over the glass and drop them in the glass.
The Bacardi Mojito - Lime

Now it is the turn of the limes, that is cut either in quarter or in slices, it is with the choice.

The Bacardi Mojito - Sugar

Then comes the sugar, ideally it is cane sugar, but good as I do not have, I put regular sugar.

The Bacardi Mojito - Mint and Sugar

Then, the sugar is placed in the bottom of the glass. It’s not complicated huh.

The Bacardi Mojito - Muddler

Then, the turn of the muddler, yes I know, a Bacardi muddler, it’s been a while that I have, an online purchase of a few years ago. So we stack all the ingredients together, to get the juice out of the files and mix them with the sugar.

The Bacardi Mojito - Rum

Then the rum, 2 ounces, well calculated that we add to the mix!

The Bacardi Mojito - Ice

Then ice, we add some bad! To fill the glass, or almost.

The Bacardi Mojito - Soda

Then, poured club soda, the recipe is almost complete!

The Bacardi Mojito - Cocktail

Now, we decorate! That’s it! Here is a version I made earlier this spring, we notice the retro bottle of Bacardi (the picture was more beautiful (in 2015);) I know that my recipe is somewhat different from the one on the site of Bacardi, but that’s the method I took. Feel free to try both and at worst try as in the little video below;)


*Translated on July 13, 2018


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