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Genesis GV80: G, as a Utility Gentleman


Don’t you know the name Genesis? I would tell you that this is a bit normal. But it cannot last. The reality is that Genesis, once the name of a sports model from Hyundai, has become a company in its own right. Here, we aim for luxury, quality, charm and service. Everything the gentleman in you is already pushing forward. With the arrival of its first large sport utility vehicle, Genesis has set the bar high in this regard. Here’s the Genesis GV80.

GV : The Genesis SUV


The Genesis GV80
Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

GV, of course, is a utility. In the same company, the G alone is associated with sedans. So you’ll understand that the G80 and GV80 share more than just a similarity in names. They are literally two slightly different forms of an otherwise similar vehicle.

Both have a racy look, with a radiator grille that you cannot mistake for any other. Both have a high level of finish quality and a distinctive look. But one is low and wide, the other taller on the leg. There essentially lay the differences.


The Genesis G80
Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

I admit, while the G80 was a few years old and underwent a refresh in 2021, it is the GV80 that impresses the most. From its unveiling at the salons last year, when the salons still existed, it has drawn the most rave reviews until its appearance on our roads. Not without reason, it should be said.

Genesis GV80 : First, the quality. 


The Interior of Genesis GV80
Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

Genesis designs like no other. It has been pointed out that the grille alone is enough to recognize any model. But it is the headlights, offering a horizontal division, which frames this grille and imposes a bolder look on it. The general softness of the silhouette is remarkable. Especially since let’s be honest, the size of this utility is nothing short of understated.

The rounded rear part also incorporates the visual signature of the headlights and offers a spectacle unlike any other. While we used to believe that all large utilities should look the same, now Genesis proves that it is absolutely unnecessary.

The more you open the door, and you find yourself in another mode. The bourgeoisie of the interior, the care of components and the almost aristocratic style of the whole are surprising. It’s hard, for example, not to admire the gearshift dial with its metallic edges and designed as if it were made of a multitude of diamonds.

Nor can we forget the huge multimedia screen that overlooks the centre console. And an equally positive note for this same central console which brings together controls that are real jewels.

Add to that a more than abundant space everywhere and comfortable and enveloping seats (although only offering the massage function on the driver’s side, to the chagrin of your other passengers), and you will have an idea of ​​the atmosphere that reigns aboard this cabin.

The Genesis GV80 Interior: Not so Easy


The White Interior of Genesis GV80
Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

All is not so rosy, however, when you play the great lord. The complexity of the multimedia system is in itself a somewhat off-putting obstacle. We have to give ourselves the time to learn a little bit and take for granted that part of our attention will often have to turn to the screen to manipulate it.

The same goes for the somewhat motley gearshifts, which are not as straightforward as you might think. But these are tiny flaws in an environment where comfort, refinement and absolute silence (because the cockpit enjoys remarkable soundproofing) indeed welcome the occupants.

Genesis GV80: Gentleman on the Road

The GV80 has charm and style. But he shows his true personality when he hits the road. While the 375 horsepower, 390 lb-ft of torque 3.5-liter V6 looks impressive, it delivers astonishing response time under acceleration, courtesy of a somewhat sluggish 10-speed automatic transmission. A problem that could be disturbing if it were of the slightest importance. Because let’s face it, we want to spend more time at the wheel of this GV80 and take advantage of its exceptional comfort. So the few tenths lost in acceleration take on very little importance.

However, we must admit that we owe something to withdraw the name Sport from the name SUV. In the case of the GV80, it doesn’t have a big sporting personality. But when well installed at the wheel, massage thoroughly, I take advantage of the exceptional sound of the sound system and the pleasant smoothness of the drive; I don’t really think about nervous acceleration.

Once onboard, we let ourselves carried as if we were driving on a cloud. The suspensions manage to control the difficulties of the road. It doesn’t add any sportiness to the drive, but a trip from my home to Quebec City back and forth in just a few hours didn’t hurt anyone.


The Genesis G80
Photo: Genesis Motors Canada

The GV80 (and its sedan sister the G80, which has the same qualities, and the same mistakes) is undoubtedly the gentleman par excellence. Charming, stylish, aristocratic, he greets you with kindness, leads you with grace without ever showing his efforts, and makes you feel as if you are the only important person in the world. Not bad, for an SUV that costs a lot less than the competition at $85,000.

Visit the Genesis Motors Canada website here

Originally published in the Gentologie Magazine Issue 7

Marc Bouchard is an experienced journalist, member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada. For more than two decades, it has tested more than a hundred vehicles annually and traveled the world in search of unique tests or to attend major auto shows. We find him on television on the show "Virage", a classic of its kind. He contributes to more than a dozen radio stations each week, and also writes in various newspapers. Gentologie is therefore added to his list of achievements.

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