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House 99 by David Beckham : The grooming for the urban man

Which of us gentlemen does not have David Beckham as male ideal? Even if I do not have tattoos and I do not really want, it’s still someone I admire. As much by his personal success as in sports. And when I saw a few months ago that he released his line of men’s care products, House 99 by David Beckham, I told myself that it was absolutely necessary to talk about it.

House 99 by David Beckham, where that came from?

House 99 by David Beckham - Twice as Smart Smooth Back Bold Statement Seriously Groomed

It’s an invention of Mr. Beckham obviously “The word House because my goal is to build an inclusive community through the brand. And ‘99 because it was a critical year for me. A lot changed in my life that year. I got married, Manchester United won the treble, and my eldest son, Brooklyn was born.

I’m really excited about and proud of House 99. We’ve taken our time and done a lot of research to create quality products
to help you create the look you want. We spent months testing formulas at the labs and with barbers, picking the perfect ingredients, fine-tuning the brand logo, packaging, and even the products’ names.

I like to switch things up and know other guys do, too. House 99 was created to support men, to give them the tools they need to create whatever look they are going for. To feel confident in their lives. »

In 2018 the man who has always styled it his own way creates his own grooming brand. In the spirit of open experimentation, the art of grooming by David Beckham meets the heritage of barbershop techniques.. One of the most famous style icons in the world, David Beckham continues to redefine the notion of “masculine”.

The man with one of the most recognizable faces on the planet grew up playing with his image. Whether down to his upbringing by his trained hairdresser mum, or his ambition to be different from the rest, David Beckham started out as a London-born footballer who made it normal to change your look, and in doing so played a role in redefining male culture, not just in the U.K. but across the world. When David Beckham got a new haircut, guys on the street would get the same. Today, no one look defines a man ; there are no more boundaries.

What’s interesting about this new brand is that with its product range, it really aims to meet the needs of men, and provide them with a complete daily beauty routine ranging from head to toe or almost (hair, body, beard, face, tattoos). Merging David Beckham’s legacy in new looks with barbershop knowledge of how guys want to look now, a new grooming collection with everything a man needs to create his new look.


The products of House 99 by David Beckham

House 99 by David Beckham- Purefectly Clean - Spruce Up - Greater Look - Truly Brighter

  • 6 products for beard and shave
  • 5 products for hair care
  • 7 products for face and body

The products are based on quinoa and spirulina, super ingredients rich in antioxidants and vitamins. They strengthen the hair and fibers of the beard, stimulate and revitalize the body and improve the texture of the skin and make it brighter. We must not forget that quinoa and spirulina contain essential nutrients necessary for hair and skin that can not be synthesized by the body.

Beard and face with a daily change of look with House 99 by David Beckham

House 99 by David Beckham - Beard

Get Groomed : Purifying beard scrub.

Washes, scrubs & conditions the beard

With its rough black cleansing texture, black charcoal, volcanic stone and energizing ginseng, this new pre-shave beard scrub conditions any future shape. Works for all beard lengths, from short to longer beards.

House 99 by David Beckham - Seriously Groomed

Seriously Groomed : The beard and hair balm

Structure & care for beard & hair

Whatever look you choose, your beard and hair must be in order: seriously cared for. Brings structure and care for a beard and a perfectly tamed hairstyle.

Softer Touch : Beard Oil

Intense nutrition & beard control

Smooth and dry finish tested and approved by barbers, the dry and smooth beard oil keeps the beard soft enough to stop the famous “shave” ultimatums. It can also be used as a pre-shave oil to increase glide during shaving.

Then enter the Barbershop House 99 by David Beckham at home.

House 99 by David Beckham - Neat Cut

Neat Cut : Shaving cream

This authentic shaving cream will help you achieve the neat cut you need, leaving the skin supple and hydrated.

House 99 by David Beckham - Smooth Cut

Smooth Cut : Shaving foam

This rich and unctuous foam moisturizes and softens the hair, prevents ingrown hairs and irritations. Perfect for a comfortable shave.

House 99 by David Beckham -Sharp Cut

Sharp Cut : Shaving stick

Inspired by the shaving routines of barbers, this soft stick lifts the hairs to the perfect angle, ready to be shaved. It prevents micro-cuts, ingrown hairs, irritation of the skin due to shaving and allows an ultra precise application for the shaping of the beard. The skin stays hydrated and supple.

Let’s go to House 99 by David Beckham shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

House 99 by David Beckham - Cheveux + Visage et Corps

While I’m currently using Laurier and Layrite products for shampoos and ointment, I can not wait to see what House 99 is going to offer, because if there is one who knows hair, that’s David Beckham.

Smooth Back :Shaving Pommade

Yes, do touch the hair. Every day Urban proof, anti-humidity, anti-sweat. Medium Hold. Natural Shine. Best for short
to medium-length hair, makes hair easy to shape and reshape – yet touchable and easy to move.

Going Strong : Styling gel

Long-lasting high hold. High Shine. The original gel re-born with all of the hold and the shine,
for a slickback with none of the crunch.

Change it Up : Texturizing Clay

Reshapeable high hold. Natural finish. Reworkable thick shaping clay gives medium-to-long hair texture and volume. Can help hair take up new positions.

Tight Grip: Fixing Spray

Keep it in its place. Long-lasting High Hold.
Natural Shine. For hairstyles that don’t shape-shift. Keep every lock look in place longer.

For the last category and not the least, it’s skin care by House 99 by David Beckham

House 99 by David Beckham - Purefectly Clean - Spruce Up _greater Look Truly Brighter

Because there is life under the beard. Here are 4 facial treatments that are suitable for all types of men’s skin. Tested on sensitive and shaved skin. For now, I personally use Kiehls and CW Beggs, but I admit that having a full range of the same brand really pleases me.

Greater Look : Face Moisturizer

Energizes, reduces shine & enhances radiance. Loaded in hydration, light on skin, unforgiv- ing on shine. Protein-rich
spirulina & quinoa extracts smooth and ener- gize for healthy, great-looking, softer skin all day.

Spruce Up : Toning Lotion

Replenishes, tones & boosts skin hydration. Liquid lotion splashes on freshness to leave skin brighter. Can be used after shav- ing to prep skin for moisturizer.

House 99 by David Beckham - Truly Brighter

Truly Brighter : Eye Balm

Revitalizes, smooths & reduces dark circles Ca eine-fuelled balm wakes up tired eyes, minimizing shadows and lines. spirulina & quinoa for a deep revitalizing effect. (I really need a great product for that)

Purefectly Clean : Face Wash

Cleanses, purifies & reduces clogged pores. Charcoal-enriched, naturally black-colored gel clears out everything deep, with peppermint extracts for ultra-cooling on skin’s route to spotless.

Bodycare by House 99 by David Beckham

House 99 by David Beckham- Polish Up Bold Statement cool Off

Bold Statement : Tattoo body Moisturizer SPF30

Moisturizes skin to enhance tattoos’ brightness. Blocks UV rays to preserve
their original colours. Fast and easy to use lotion-in-spray, protects ink work to keep it bold.

Polish Up : Body and Hair Wash

Washes, purifies & invigorates body & hair. Intensely cooling (-4 c) menthol-charged formula for post working out freshness.

Cool Of  : Spray deodorant

48-H efficacy with 0% aluminium salts & ultra-fresh sensation Powered by Magnesium Oxide, the modern man’s answer to keeping it cool.

House 99 by David Beckham  : More than products, a community

House  99 by David Beckham - Community

Mr. Beckham has founded a community of men who think like him and who express themselves in their diversity of styles. The latter appealed to the biggest names in the world of men’s care to collaborate with House 99, for example the master barber Fabio Marquez (Figaro Barbershop in Lisbon, Portugal), who gave his expert advice and a dynamic content for the digital platform dedicated to the brand.

You can sign up to gain access to exclusive content and privileges reserved for them, and share your own looks with the brand via their Instagram account on @house99 to appear on the site.

While they will soon be on sale in Canada, at Pharmaprix as well as on the brand’s Canadian site, it was really the perfect time to share information about this pretty complete product range with no less than 18 variations. you will certainly find one that will suit you perfectly.

President, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Gentologie.