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A perfect look for the Holidays


Generally speaking, I must confess that dressing well is one of my guilty pleasures, especially when the holidays are just around the corner. Whether it’s a Christmas party or a New Year’s celebration, such occasions call for a polished presentation. I, therefore, asked Jean-Michel Bonin, owner of the Clusier boutique, and Stéphane Le Duc, fashion journalist and presenter, for their outfit recommendations so you can dazzle this holiday season.

Tux or no tux?


An ETON black shirt and bowtie
Photo: ETON

That all depends on the mood and theme of your event, but for December 31st, this might be just the thing. A festive outfit that pairs perfectly with champagne and all the decorum that goes with it. For reference, the rules on tuxedos can be found here, although our experts insist that owning your own tuxedo is always better than renting one. 

“For an office party, I recommend a sport jacket in dark, festive colours. For your New Year’s Day outfit, dress up your look with a velvet tuxedo jacket, for example. Either way, they can be paired with jeans, casual or dressy, to suit the moment,” says Bonin. Journalist Stéphane Le Duc is adamant about going for 007’s favourite outfit. “We must start the year on the right foot. I personally love contrasts! Showing up at a nightclub wearing a tuxedo is sure to make an instant impression! The traditional black colour will even be at home in a chalet in front of the fireplace with a bottle of champagne. For those of you who enjoy more festive tones, I’d suggest a blue or red velvet Tom Ford jacket.”

Casual or not?


A Woolen Cardigan
Photo: Gran Sasso

For the next day’s brunch, some of you may want to take it easy on the look. There’s nothing wrong with that, but for a chic evening, my advice is to avoid this option. “It is only for sitting in front of the TV to watch the end-of-year programs,” emphasizes Le Duc. Here are a few options that will impress your guests or hosts. On the Gran Sasso side, you’ll find magnificent woollens to keep you warm during those winter mornings. They will complement an Alessandro Gherardi shirt (a new Clusier brand) with a nice pair of pants, or jeans, smartly cut by Briglia or Tamarossa with their more casual design. Mr. Bonin is keen to point out the importance of this aspect, because the tighter it is, the more trouble you’ll have enjoying a good meal.

What about ties and jackets?

Colin Woodell wearing the ascot in the role of the young Winston Scott
Photo: The Continental © 2022 Starz Entertainment, LLC

Think your party doesn’t call for the formality and chic of a traditional tie? I would, therefore, opt for the ascot, like the one Winston wears in the John Wick movies or in The Continental series, despite the opposite opinion of my two fellow interviewees. Combined with a beautiful Eton shirt, your attire will give you a casual, gentlemanly look, especially with a Martini or Manhattan in hand. Plus, the latter is likely to be looser around the neck and won’t get in the way if tucked inside your shirt, for example, when you’re serving yourself dinner. What we can all agree on, is that Christmas motifs should be avoided in order for the ascot to be appropriate more than once a year. Try shades of burgundy, gold or red! Feel confident in choosing discreet patterns such as polka dots. As for Messrs. Bonin and Le Duc, they propose an interesting initiative by pairing a velvet bow tie with a sportier shirt.

For your jacket, opt for something less formal. Whether you opt for pretty woollens or a sportier jacket, you must be comfortable. However, if you insist on wearing the suit, Mr. Bonin suggests the turtleneck or wool sweater (from Gran Sasso) as one way of using your new piece on two occasions. Also, the sport jacket paired with the classic wool sweater is always tasteful. On the other hand, Mr. Le Duc is a little more daring: “The oversized jacket might be an option. You could even wear it directly onto your skin, together with a necklace. Don’t be afraid, it’s the holiday season! Make sure your jacket isn’t too conventional. Velvet is therefore a good balance. Shades of black, pale gray, pale beige or off-white will go nicely for this time of year.”

Any shoe no-go’s?


Carmina Slippers
Photo: Carmina

We are often tempted not to wear shoes when we have guests over or when we are being invited to an evening party. Why not turn things around with a pair of beautiful shoes or slippers? Should you choose the first route, you must be careful not to pick a model whose soles are likely to leave marks or holes. Accordingly, Mr. Bonin suggests the moccasin, a trendy choice in recent years, and which comes in a range of colours and fabrics. They can be worn with a tuxedo or a casual outfit. Mr. Le Duc agrees: “Be it slippers or moccasins, choosing a chic and elegant model is a must.”

And trousers?

Forget the white! Unless you’re having a Miami Vice-themed party. The reason is simple: these parties are often full of children, food and alcohol, meaning your pants are unlikely to stay clean for long. Moreover, overly festive colours are to be avoided by a gentleman keen to keep things conservative. Try colours such as burgundy, navy or green, as these can be worn on other occasions. Meanwhile, Mr. Bonin recommends corduroy chinos. Nothing like the ones you wore when you were a kid. Whenever in doubt, Mr. Le Duc considers black pants to be the universal choice. “Also take note that velvet is perfect for the holidays,” states the fashion journalist.

Anything about pajamas?

Treat yourself and get pajamas that live up to your expectations! Selecting this item can be tricky, although I recommend something that can be worn when working from home as well as in a cottage. “Go for silk pajamas or ones made from fabrics deemed rich. Aim for quality,” points out Le Duc. Moreover, Mr. Bonin points out that Clusier offers cotton fleece outfits (from Sunspel) that are both distinguished and comfortable. In other words, a perfect choice for the gentleman who wants to stay chic and keep his boxer shorts and t-shirts to himself.

Don’t forget that this is an absolute rule of thumb before, during and after the holidays. You better be too well-dressed than the other way around. Clusier owner Mr. Bonin and fashion journalist Mr. Le Duc’s advice is clear: always choose clothes you’ll be comfortable in, and anticipate potential holiday excesses.

An article originally published in the Gentologie Magazine Issue 12

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