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25 Gift Ideas for Gentlemen’s Christmas Stockings

25 Gift Ideas for Gentlemen’s Christmas Stockings

After our Gentleman’s Gift Guide, here are 25 Gift Ideas for Gentlemen’s Christmas Stockings. Last-minute solutions for the man who already has everything. Trust your instincts and you’ll find the best!

1. Honey from Miels LIAISON

Honey from Miels Liaison package

Miels LIAISON package
Photo : Miels LIAISON

Discovered at the Salon des Métiers d’Art du Québec, this young company’s products are revolutionary in that they can be paired with a variety of cheeses. These are products for tasting, not for everyday consumption. The starting point for our 25 Gift Ideas for Gentlemen’s Christmas Stockings.

2. Gift card from your local liquor store


Photo: Veuve Clicquot

LCBO, SAQ or other, the wine and spirits enthusiast will certainly be pleased to discover what he or she can buy as a gift.

3. Top-of-the-range glasses + coasters


Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

To accompany the previous gift, why not give him something to enjoy these magnificent liquids? The specialists at Vinum, Maison Lipari, Alambika or any other specialist shop will certainly be able to guide you towards the perfect gift.

4. Cooking lessons


Credit: Must Société

Want to have more dinners with your favourite gentleman in 2024? Give him a cooking class so he can perfect or learn essential techniques. Gentlemen, this is a gift you can give yourself too. At Must Société, Mezza Luna, Ateliers & Saveurs and many others.

5. A Montréal en Lumière Dinner


Mr. Grégory Faye, the Executive Chef
Photo: HONEYROSE Montréal

A myriad of Michelin-starred restaurants, including the Commodore at Hôtel HONEYROSE and its chef Grégory Faye, will be at this 25th edition of Montréal en Lumière. It’s a great opportunity to treat food lovers!  

6. Air Tags 


Photo: Amazon

If you’re the kind of person who misplaces things all over the place, these little Apple tags are ideal for finding them and keeping track of them when you’re on the move.

7. Nespresso N 20 package


The Nespresso N 20 package
Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

This small boxed set of exceptional and rare coffees is sure to delight fans of this precious liquid.

8. Luxurious slippers


Carmina Slippers
Photo: Carmina

Whether worn indoors or out, slippers are elegant for any occasion, whether in pajamas or in a tuxedo. Our friends at Clusier offer Carmina slippers, which are simply superb.   

9. Whisky flask

Viski Whisky flask - Vinum - 25 gift ideas for the Gentlemen’s Christmas stocking

Viski Whisky flask
Photo: Vinum

Here’s the perfect partner for cold-weather expeditions, the essential for warming up at the summit. Give it as a gift with a whisky from our selection or the gift card above.

10. High-end socks


James Bond is wearing the Highbury shoes by Crockett & Jones
Photo : © 2021 DANJAQ, LLC et MGM. All right reserved.

The essential to complete a suit. You notice them as soon as you sit down. You can never have too many stockings in your wardrobe. Italian brand Macolliani offers an incredible selection. Also available at Clusier. A must in your 25 Gift Ideas for Gentlemen’s Christmas Stockings.

11. His favourite perfume


Photo: Dolce&Gabbana

Your gentleman has a scent you love, so why not give him his favourite perfume? You’ll be able to enjoy these wonderful scents again in 2024!

12. Rare spices

Épices de Cru package

Épices de Cru package
Photo: Épices de cru

Always for the gentleman with a passion for cooking, seasonings that are out of the ordinary. Saffron from here, spices from elsewhere, in short, the choice is wide. Our favourite place to find them is Épices de Cru, at Montréal’s Jean Talon Market.  

13. His favourite airline gift card


Photo: Air Canada

An excellent gift idea for the gentleman traveller. Maybe he’ll take you on his next expedition.  

14. A memory card for its camera


Canon R6
Photo : Canon USA Instagram account

A camera as a gift? Why not put the memory card in the stocking for a surprise the next day?

15. Headphones (AirPods or other)


Photo: Bang & Olufsen

The ideal gift for a gentleman who’s always on public transport or on foot? Portable headphones so you can listen to your favourite podcast or playlist!

16. Luxurious jam set

Simon Turcotte confiturier jams - 25 gift ideas for the Gentlemen’s Christmas stocking

Simon Turcotte confiturier jams
Photo: Simon Turcotte confiturier

Gluttony is certainly a sin, but indulging sparingly is certainly not forbidden. Opt for luxury jams like Simon Turcotte’s, made in Quebec, or Favuzzi’s, imported directly from Italy.

17. High end Maple Syrup

The-SOUK-Montréal-- Nos-Cabanes

Quebec sugar is such a great gift to receive. We love Nos Cabanes, Escuminac and P-A Soulières Sélection.

18 . Cocktail smoking kit

Breville smoking gun - 25 gift ideas for the Gentlemen’s Christmas stocking

The Breville Smoking gun
Photo: Breville

For the mixologist in chief, what could be better than a set to add smoke to cocktails? The one from Breville is excellent, but this more artisanal one is really interesting!

19. Salt and main de sel

Le Creuset Pot de sel - 25 gift ideas for the Gentlemen’s Christmas stocking

Le Creuset Pot de sel
Photo: Le Creuset

A perfect accessory for seasoning and decorating the kitchen is a salt hand like this one from Le Creuset. Add a quality salt too, such as a fleur de sel from France or those from our friends at Favuzzi or Sel Saint-Laurent, and you’re sure to make someone very happy.

20. Watch Strap


Photo: TAG Heuer

A gentleman who wants to be on time must have a good watch, but if the one you have is still in good condition, why not get it a new strap? Visit the House of Birks or a jeweller who stocks top-of-the-range brands, they often have an interesting range.

21. Sunglasses or ski goggles


James Bond (Daniel Craig) is wearing the Barton Perreira “Joe” sunglasses in No Time To Die

The winter sun is sometimes strong, not to mention the snow. The sporting gentleman will look stylish with a new pair of sunglasses off the slopes or ski goggles for those dizzying descents.  

22. A pretty belt

Loro Piana Belt - Alsavel Model

Loro Piana Belt – Alsavel Model
Photo: Loro Piana

A suit is a gentleman’s essential, but without a belt, wearing it can be problematic and sometimes even embarrassing. Find him a nice one, with no visible logo, that will make him a distinguished and refined man. From Clusier or Harry Rosen.

23. Wallet

Hermès wallet - 25 gift ideas for the Gentlemen’s Christmas stocking

Hermès wallet
Photo: Hermès

Cards, money and other everyday essentials will fit nicely in a new wallet. Choose leather rather than plastic, so it can stand the test of time! The best indicator of quality is your fingers!

24. Passport holder

Brunello Cucinelli Passport holder - 25 gift ideas for the Gentlemen’s Christmas stocking

Brunello Cucinelli Passport holder
Photo: Brunello Cucinelli

Are you surrounded by a gentleman traveller? A passport holder is a must-have. Especially with the proliferation of boarding passes and different changes, not to mention the possibility that a technological object might let you down. Try to find one with a discreet brand!   

25. Cufflinks

Bowtie, the perfect aly of the tuxedo Photo: ETON

Bowtie and cufflinks, the perfect allies of the tuxedo
Photo: ETON

When it comes to suit shirts, it’s essential to talk about cufflinks too. This is often the only place where fantasy is allowed. They come in a variety of colours and shades. Choose wisely!

Happy shopping! And we hope these 25 Gift Ideas for Gentlemen’s Christmas Stockings will help you!

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