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Luxury Chocolates for Easter


This year, Easter will take place on March 31 ,2024, less than two weeks from now. Who says Easter, says Chocolate! Here are some suggestions of luxury chocolate for Easter. Happy shopping.

Luxury chocolates for Easter in Montréal

L’heureux Chocolats : Luxury chocolates for Easter and Champagne


Photo: L’Heureux Chocolats

No, it’s not a new chocolate factory, it’s the new name of Joane L’Heureux Chocolats! Delicious and beautiful chocolates all handmade! Both daring and traditional, their chocolates are made with the finest ingredients available. Treat yourself to a stunning taste experience with every bite. They even have an exclusive box with Piper-Heidsieck Champagne and whisky and Scotch pairing box year-round!  The box on the cover is also from L’Heureux Chocolats.

To buy at L’Heureux Chocolats, it’s here

État de Choc : Finesse and Delicacy


Photo: État de Choc

Another magnificent artisanal chocolate factory established for a few years in Montréal. The latter innovates in its flavours and in its collaborations to make you discover new aromas and tastes that will tickle your taste buds. Their limited Easter editions are to die for. You won’t want to miss the whole thing. It goes very quickly. See you there or buy online!

For the Ester chocolates of État de Choc, it’s here

Les Chocolats de Chloé : Local and Craft


Photo: Les Chocolats de Chloé

Located in the heart of Plateau Mont-Royal, this magnificent boutique is the one that Joane l’Heureux of L’Heureux Chocolats goes to when she wants to take chocolate other than her own, which is to tell you how delicious it is. Here, it’s precision and small quantities, a chocolate factory on a human scale. A gourmet pleasure to offer yourself. They also have a variety of ice creams, it’s perfect for the good weather.

Visit Les Chocolats de Chloé here 

AVANAA: Direction South America



If you know anything about high-end chocolate, you certainly know AVANAA. Located in Montréal, the team sorts each cocoa bean by hand. These are imported from exceptional small farms in Latin America to produce delicious chocolates with unique flavours while supporting sustainable agriculture. The AVANAA team roasts everything in micro-batches and grinds the cocoa for days under granite stones. Next is the careful packaging of each square of chocolate. Why so much effort for simple chocolate you will say? Quite simply to create a delicious chocolate with aromas that you will not find anywhere else. Discover their award-winning chocolate bars at the prestigious International Chocolate Awards as well as their Easter delights.

Discover AVANAA here

Lecavalier Petrone : Luxury in Little Burgundy


Photo: Lecavalier Petrone

Here, more than chocolates, they are handmade works of art. A female duo is behind these gourmet creations. They are easily noticed in their white boxes. Although the chocolates go fast online, it is possible to go to their shop in order to look for their much sought-after eggs.

Discover the Easter collection from Lecavalier Petrone here

Qantu : Gourmet and fine chocolates


Photo: Qantu

You may know Qantu from seeing their delicious bars at État de Choc. For Easter, they are in the gourmet. Their various creations obviously include cocoa beans, but also maple sugar and egg-dependent hazelnuts. Sublime marriages that will surprise your palate!

Buy the Qantu chocolates here

Luxury chocolates for Easter in Toronto

SOMA Chocolatemaker : From Distillery to the bar (of chocolate)


Photo: SOMA Chocolatemaker

It was in 2003 that the idea of creating a funky little chocolate shop was born in the minds of David Castellan and Cynthia Leung. Their concept: find new ways to create and enjoy chocolate. It was while making their first batches of chocolate, in the Distillery District (and an old distillery) that they found their passion. In cocoa beans, nature made the perfect “Soma,” a mystical substance mentioned in the Rig Veda and later by Aldous Huxley in the novel Brave New World. It was time for them to start exploring this new frontier. With the loyal support of their chocolate-obsessed customers, they grew to two stores, a small chocolate shop, a network of wholesalers and a small team of wonderfully talented crazy people. Their creations for Easter are simply magnificent.

Discover SOMA Chocolatemaker here

Stubbe Chocolates : From Germany to Canada


Photo: Stubbe Chocolates

Chef Daniel Stubbe is a konditor (owner of an establishment where pastries are sold and served as well as hot [coffee, hot chocolate, tea] or cold drinks, very much like a tea room) generation and owner of Stubbe Chocolates & Pastry in Toronto. With over 25 years of continuous business in the Queen City, Chef Stubbe is a veteran of the gourmet chocolate and pastry industry and a leader in the Toronto market.

In 2018, Chef Stubbe released his signature Verliebt and Verspielt chocolates. Dark and milk chocolates are exclusive to the store. They were created by Chef Stubbe when he was selected to participate in Cacao Barry’s OrNoir experience.

Discover the Easter creations from Stubbe Chocolates

Chocolat de Kat: Art & Chocolate


Photo: Chocolat de Kat

Shortly after completing four long years of undergrad and a master’s degree in art history, Kata Ambrus decided to push further, this time to see through the Classic French Pastry Arts program at the International Culinary Center in New York.

Proof of her journey, each Kat Chocolate is a small edible work of art. Kata and her team imagine, hand paint, dissect, fill in and style each with meticulous care and attention to detail. For them, the goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but rather to create the best in class. Their punchy flavours have made the taste what they are. According to the team, biting into one of their key lime pie goodies is like biting into a piece of key lime pie!

Discover Chocolat de Kat 

Luxury Chocolates for Easter elsewhere in Canada

Jacek: The Alberta Beauty


Photo: Jacek Chocolates

I received Jacek’s advent calendar from a public relations firm a few years ago, and it was a wonderful find. For example, this rabbit was on a whole new level! Milk chocolate, chewy marshmallow, caramel chips and cocoa nibs make this treat a true indulgence. Treat yourself to the “Happy Bunny” or the “Cheeky Bunny” for a bit of Easter sweetness.

Discover the delicacies of Jacek Chocolates

Do not forget wine for your Easter dinner or brunch, discover a great selection here.

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