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RYU Sushi is Dead. Long live the new RYU Sushi on Peel

RYU Sushi - cover

It’s a bit of a catchy title, but it’s also a bit true. Because the concept of RYU Sushi that you still have in mind with a big gourmet restaurant is of the past. These are now Sushi counters (now 4 locations) that are there to serve you and the quality is truly there.

RYU Sushi on Peel, THE Place for Sushi Downtown.

So I visited with my friend Tommy from Le Cuisinomane (french food blog), the 4th RYU location, at 1468 Peel Street in Montreal in the Mile Carré Doré, two doors from Ferreira. I must say right away that we received exceptional service. Just like the other guests who were around.

ryu sushi extérieur

Photo: RYU Sushi

Despite the smallness of the place, there are about twenty places including a magnificent counter that allows to chat with the sushi masters. The latter are experienced people. The evening we were there, the sushi master we talked to had over 14 years of craft in the world of sushi. And it was without counting the Japanese master who was also present, but who speaks a little less. But who is really nice.

The highlight: RYU quality

What we like about RYU is that the menu does not do 14 pages and does not try to get started in 46 directions, RYU differs from other places by focusing on traditional nigiri and pre-defined omakase menus and really affordable ($ 60 for two people).

ryu sushi bento

Photo: RYU Sushi

We have not tried, but they also have recyclable bento boxes where each box includes a detailed guide of sauces condiments suggested to pair them with each nigiri and sushi roll – all for a fun and exciting experience to take away or (via Foodora.ca, UberEATS and by the restaurant itself, which will launch its own delivery in a few weeks)!

A great change for RYU

So over the past two years, RYÚ has worked hard to shift its brand identity from a gourmet restaurant to a high-end, laid-back sushi bar. It started with two branches at the Montréal-Trudeau airport, a third at the Carrefour Laval and now their new one, since the summer of 2017 on Peel Street.

ryu sushi mur

Photo: RYU Sushi


What distinguishes RYU from other sushi restaurants is what the restaurant has invented the concept “Eating RYÚ” – where they are committed to promoting “Food sustainability”, “Waste sustainability”, and “Community sustainability”.

Food sustainability is achieved only by using certified 100% sustainable and / or certified seafood and certified by Ocean Wise, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, Best Aquaculture Practices or another third party that meets their standards. In fact, RYÚ itself has been certified by Ocean Wise.

RYU Sushi comptoir

Photo: RYU Sushi

Regarding the sustainability of waste, all packaging is made from 100% recyclable or compostable materials. Finally, Community Sustainability – where, over the past year, RYÚ has partnered with Meal Share to provide a percentage of their monthly sales to help disadvantaged children receive meals.

Our meal at the RYU Sushi

ryu sushi sake

Photo : Normand Boulanger

Meanwhile Tommy, I ordered a good bottle of Sake, we went for the total.

The menu may change depending on arrivals.

We had a wonderful Miso Soup to start, it was delicious.

ryu sushi table

Photo: RYU Sushi

Here is the Omakase menu at Ryu Sushi

It is not the traditional Omakase where you can be served until you are full, but the quantity and above all the quality is there.

  • Edamame
  • Sashimi Tuna
  • Stripped Bass (2X)
  • Albacore (2X)
  • Hamachi (2X)
  • Salmon (2X)
  • Ryu Way Shrimp (2X)
  • Salmon Maki (8X)
  • Toro Maki (8X)
ryu sushi plateau sake

Photo: RYU Sushi

I can tell you that everything was just perfect, whatever I might have taken one more dish, but the whole thing was delicious and we had a great dessert.

Photo : Normand Boulanger

I do not hesitate to recommend the restaurant, it is really good and the staff is really very welcoming. This is a must for sushi lovers. And if you work in the city center it’s a perfect spot for lunch for a take out.

Also, as the sushi is almost all made by the minute, plan a little while before the whole thing is ready.

For more information, visit their website.The Ryu Sushi at Westmount is also a great location.

Thanks to RYU Peel for the invitation. 

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