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RYU Westmount Sushi: Japanese favorites in one place

Ryu Westmount Sushi - Cover

While we were talking about the RYU Sushi on Peel Street a few months ago, here is a location that has been open since the end of 2018 with RYU Westmount Sushi. Note that the RYU Laurier Sushi has reopened as well, but we have not had the chance to visit it yet.

RYU Westmount Sushi: Sushi and More…

Decor - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: Ryu

As for Livia, the latter was closed during our visit, it is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., but we were able to make a visit of the place (with Jorge Da Silva, the F & B director of the RYU group) which are shared with the RYU Westmount. You will find a fascinating overview of Japan’s best ceremonial matcha, all in a vibrant and perfect setting. The specialty bar serves their “super powder” in a wide variety of original products; more classic slats, green teas and coffees with innovative dishes such as acai bowls, toasts, “superfood lattes”, etc. Livia’s location in RYU Westmount allows guests to pair their favorite sushi with delicious matcha products.

Matcha - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: Ryu

The RYU Westmount Sushi Space: Simply Beautiful.

Seat - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: Ryu

The aesthetics of RYU Westmount and Livia Matcha are the result of designers Guillaume Ménard and David Dworkind of Ménard Dworkind Architecture & Design (MWAD). At Livia, MWAD relies on Japanese aesthetic elements such as Japanese flag-inspired circle patterns, as well as an emphasis on wood materials imported directly from Japan. In addition, the walls are adorned with Shikkui, a traditional Japanese lime rendering that gives the space a soft movement. Added to this are the hanging gardens which cascade harmoniously under two large skylights, forming a design both picturesque and serene. A perfect place to relax and feel almost in Japan.

A Tasting at RYU Westmount Sushi

Bar - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: Ryu

It was on a November night that I headed with my guest at RYU Westmount. I had a delicious sake while my guest preferred a delicious white wine. We made a special request, we did not want pollock (a fish that serves as a replacement for crab), preferring real crab meat.

Edamames Wakame - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: RDPMAG – Normand Boulanger

We started our meal with a delicious miso soup to fight the mixture of rain and snow that fell on the city during this evening. Adding to the soup, the always delicious edamames and a wakame salad as supplements.

Nigiris - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: RDPMAG – Normand Boulanger

Sashimi-Hamachi-Jalapeno - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: RDPMAG – Normand Boulanger

For the main course, we had several sushi, including a mixture of various makis (paradise, truffle salmon and wasabi scallop), nigiri salmon, tuna and yellowfin tuna. We also had Hamachi Jalapeno sashimi and a Wagyu carpaccio. Everything was just perfect. Do not forget that the different sushi is made by hand, so wasabi is put between the different layers of sushi, taste before adding more wasabi to your bite.

Makis - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: RDPMAG – Normand Boulanger

Carpacio Wagyu - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: RDPMAG – Normand Boulanger

You will also find delicious poke. As dessert, if I remember correctly, it was a matcha pie. Delicious with a tea. It was a perfect finale.

Opera Matcha Cake - Ryu Westmount Sushi

Photo: RDPMAG – Normand Boulanger

You can also order and RYU has made it a point not to include plastic in their packaging, and use as far as possible, fish from sustainable fishing and whose origins are verified. In a challenge of responsible consumption, it would be interesting for RYU to be present on the GOLO platform which invites people to pick up their order or have it delivered by electric vehicles.

Thanks to the RYU Westmount team for hosting.

4185 Sainte-Catherine Street West
Westmount, QC

Visit their website to know all the locations. 

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