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SkinGuard razor, The razor for sensitive skin !

Gillette Skinguard Razor - cover

Recently, Gillette launched the SkinGuard razor, its latest innovation whose new technology meets the needs of men with sensitive skin, who desire a razor that protects them from irritation. The main scientist behind this innovation, Nick Harrington, answered our questions Gillette’s newest product.

A new technology for razors

Gillette has been innovating in multi-blade razors for several years now. How did Gillette come up with the idea of SkinGuard?

SkinGuard was inspired by our own employees who suffered with sensitive skin. We learned that for some men even our best Gillette razors didn’t meet the needs of some guys who suffered from skin irritation associated with shaving. Moved by employee stories, our technologists immersed themselves in the causes of skin irritation and iteratively prototyped and tested new technical solutions that resulted in SkinGuard, our first razor clinically proven for sensitive skin.

What change will this technology make on the Gillette range?

Gillette SkinGuard is a new Gillette sub-brand, pairing razors and shaving preps, especially designed for those men with sensitive skin for those who find the most comfortable shave is more important than the closest possible shave.

How to know if this product is suited for us?

Skinguard Razor by Gillette

Many men (approx. 2/3 globally) report having sensitive skin and experiencing symptoms such as redness, burning and stinging because of shaving. For many of these men a very comfortable shave is more important than a very close shave. If you are one of the 56% of Canadian men for who this is true, then SkinGuard may be a good solution for you. The SkinGuard technology absorbs the weight from the hand so blades press less on sensitive skin. It also smooths and flattens the skin to protect it from the blades. 

Many years of research to arrive at the Skinguard Razor

After how many years of research does this product make its appearance?

The research and development team started work on the first SkinGuard prototypes approximately 3 years ago. Since then, we have optimized the technology and completed testing demonstrating that SkinGuard is clinically proven for sensitive skin.

Specifically: An independent clinical study was conducted in the U.S. on behalf of P&G to evaluate the safety in use of SkinGuard and found that the razor was well tolerated and safe to use for men with sensitive skin. An important finding of this study was that men with sensitive skin who shaved daily with SkinGuard to remove facial hair had excellent outcomes.

Over a period of 28 days, men between the ages of 21 and 54 with self-assessed sensitive skin shaved daily with SkinGuard. Prior to their first shave with the product, a dermatologist graded the men’s sensitive skin for redness and dryness, while men self-reported their subjective symptoms of other sensory reactions like burning, stinging, itching and tingling. At the end of the 28-day trial period, none of the signs or symptoms of irritation increased, and all visual and sensory attributes had a very low score.

Is an adaptation time required between the normal razor and SkinGuard for optimal results?

Based on consumer learning to date, many consumers immediately notice the difference between SkinGuard and other razors they have used in the past; commenting on the smoothness of the razor during use, and the comfort of their skin afterwards. For some consumers, they also see improvements in the way they their skin looks and feels as they continue to use SkinGuard over the course of days and week.

New Gillette innovations in addition to the Skinguard razor

What other innovations can we expect from Gillette over the next few years?

Innovation is at the core of Gillette, as Gillette’s founder, King C Gillette said, “We’ll stop making razors when we can’t keep making them any better”. Gillette recognizes that all men are different and desire different shaving experiences; and for that reason, we innovate at all levels of our portfolio to ensure there’s a grooming solution for all men. Here are some of the innovations we shared in lately:

  • • Upgrading to Gillette’s best blades for our Mach3 and Fusion5 razor
  • • Delivering improved control for guys who shave in the shower with the introduction of Aqua-Grip in our Gillette3 and Gillette5 razor
  • • The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs delivers the comfort of a hot towel shave
  • • And SkinGuard reimagines the razor to deliver Gillette’s best shave for guys with sensitive skin. 

The PURE shaving gel

PURE by GilletteThe SkinGuard razor partners perfectly with new PURE by Gillette shave gel. Razor and shave gel are both recommended by the Dermatology Review PanelTM, a division of DRP Dermatology Inc. PURE by Gillette shave gel is formulated without alcohol, dyes, parabens, and sulfates, as well as, infused with aloe.

Enjoy your next shaving. Learn how to style your mustache here.

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