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WSOP is coming to Toronto: Interview with Kevin Martin


As the WSOP (World Series of Poker) are coming to Canada, more specifically in Toronto for the first time ever, from March 22 to April 1, with the Main Event taking place from March 28 toApril 1 with, 3, 9 million dollars in prizes you can have your chance to win!  You are invited  to participate by buying directly, qualifying on GGPoker (Good Game Poker), or simply attend for free and watch all games unfold in the Poker Room and get a closer look at the mastery of some of the world’s best poker players, including our guest, the Canadian Kevin Martin. The latter is a renowned poker player turned reality TV star, known for his big wins in season five of Big Brother Canada and most recently starring in The Traitors Canada season 1 (with the Plural Ambassador Karine Vanasse), who is now one of poker’s biggest content creators.      

The interview with Kevin Martin

Kevin Martin will be at WSOP TorontoPhoto: GG Poker

Kevin Martin will be at WSOP Toronto
Photo: GG Poker

For those who do not know you, can you share with us a short summary of how you became a poker champion and a reality TV star?

Many years ago I was just a kid with not a lot of money and I just had this dream of being a professional poker player and a TV star. And reality TV is really something that is similar to the poker. You have a strategy, you place all your chips, and you need to go all-in!   

How does the poker enter in your life? 

I knew of the game, and one day I have this feeling that I have should check this out. That time I went to play, I got this primal connection to it. I was looking for a business, entrepreneurship, a quest for my life, in other words, and I do not know what to do at 21 years old. And I started to play every single day, I read books about poker, and try to find coaches, and I got so obsessed. . . and it has been 10 years ago! I feel like to of people are doing it, poker is really hot right now! The love of the game, the strategy, numbers are you and GG Poker (Good Game Poker) is just an excellent company that is promoting the game in an excellent way, it is really exciting!    

The WSOP in Canada

How is it to play such a big tournament in Canada? 

Yes, a little bit! All the big Canadian poker players are going to the WSOP (visit the website here), and it is in Ontario for the first time. And as there will be a Canadian champion, on the Canadian soil, and, of course, I want to win on my home turf! Just play in Canada with other players from here is just amazing. Thanks for that Normand, you just put the pressure on me. . . (laughs)

What advice do you have for the “newcomers” you want to qualify for the main event?

If you are starting, watch videos, play on GG Poker (website is here), but there is so much content on every social media platform, it is awesome. There is so much information, including my Instagram, out there and good luck, because no matter what, luck is a massive factor in poker.  

Can you tell us more about your “Starting from 0 challenge “?

It is so intense! I just do that intense psychological experiment, basically on myself. Ten years ago, I started with no money, and get one million by playing poker essentially and I wanted to recreate that. I made a little money, it is really hard, it is really stressful and it is really exciting. Poker game has its highs and low, it is a skills-based gambling, it is not at all like a slot machine. It is still gambling and everybody should be careful.   

The mental health aspect of the competition

How does the mental health play in that type of competition? Is it the same thing as starring in a reality TV?

I am a huge promoter for mental health in any space, gambling or other and practise gratitude. Seeing people to use the game smartly is something I love. It is important to look after yourself. It is my role to just advocate for people to be gentle with themself, people are struggling out there. I am just a huge advocate for mediation, journalling, I do therapy. I really want for people to look after themselves.     

How the social network (Instagram, etc.) help you grow your community and educate in the field of poker?

When I started 10 years ago, nobody knows me. I was just this broken kid from Northern Alberta and I just made videos right away. I really like the format of vlogs and I have been making content for a long time and I develop this massive following. Everybody saw me emerge in the poker world, starting with no money, playing for 5 dollars, 10 dollars.  Now I win and lose 6 figures all over the world. My community is so passionate because they saw when I was broke and now they saw me win those big tournaments. It has been a fun journey.

Also, there has been a dark side of social media, so I recommend t people to use them correctly and in a way it benefits their life.      

The Canadians at WSOP Toronto and in the poker world

How is the relationship with your opponents? 

Here in Canada, it is friendly but it is competitive at the poker table. 

What do you think are your chances again Daniel Negreanu?

Oh man, Daniel is the most famous player in the world. He is the best Canadian (editor’s note he was born in Toronto), and I lost thousands and thousands of dollars to him. I am just waiting to compete and win against him. I know I am coming back and it will be great to see him. Also, we are bot GG Poker ambassadors. I hope Daniel loses. . . (laughs). I will always bet on myself!

What is your planning for the rest of the year?

Its crazy Normand, I have a full-time staff, we travel the world, making videos, documentaries and  livestream. We play and win and lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. Maybe more TV shows, the WSOP and many more events on GG Poker and the world is open and it is an exciting time!

How to participate at WSOP Toronto?

Want to be like James Bond in Casino Royale and win everything ? Ontario residents can participate here. The rest of Canada register here.

Don’t forget, gambling is a game. Please play responsibly. 18+ only.

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