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Traeger Grills: The BBQ for the modern gentleman

The Timberline Photo : Traeger Grills

Dear gentlemen, BBQ cooking is taking a new turn as Traeger Grills offers the ultimate outdoor cooking experience with the launch of the latest additions to their Timberline series. Let’s find out what the constantly innovating leader of the wood pellet barbecue category has to offer that will transform you into the king of BBQ .


The company’s early days

A steak on a Traeger BBQPhoto: Traeger Grills

A steak on a Traeger BBQ
Photo: Traeger Grills

The company was founded in 1987 in Mt. Angel, Oregon, USA. Legend has it that the founder, Mr. Joe Traeger, won a gas barbecue in a radio contest. During a party, he decided to prepare chicken for all the guests and unfortunately burned the food on the grill as he was enjoying the heat of the moment. Upset by this, Mr. Traeger kicked the BBQ. The BBQ flew over the patio and landed in a place where it is still there to this day. Based on this experience, Mr. Traeger, who was originally the owner of a heating company, was inspired to develop a wood pellet model.

Control your Traeger remotely with your Apple Watch or mobile phonePhoto: Traeger Grills

Control your Traeger remotely with your Apple Watch or mobile phone
Photo: Traeger Grills

It was in 1991 that the technology became available to Traeger. At that time, the igniter was developed. But it is really with the arrival of Mr. Jeremy Andrus, as president and CEO, that the business took off. The launch of the WiFIRE app in 2017, which allows for remote control of the grill, and the global expansion of the distribution network come to mind. 

The Traeger Grills difference

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Wondering what sets Traeger apart from the competition? I’s the simplicity of the products and especially the smoky taste that remains with the wood pellets. Its versatility is impressive: you can use it as a smoker, a rotisserie, to braise or as a conventional oven. The possibilities are endless.

The perfect spot for your favourite saucesPhoto: Traeger Grills

The perfect spot for your favourite sauces
Photo: Traeger Grills

You prefer coal? In terms of handling, it is impossible to automatically control the heat of the charcoal. You have to constantly play with the air inlets at the top and bottom to get a perfect result, which can be a pain as you have to stay next to the grill for eight hours outside. With Traeger Grills, you can go shopping, mow the lawn and check it all out via the app that remotely controls the temperature of the grill.   

Still a novice to the BBQ world? Don’t worry, the Traeger Grills community is there to give you tips to have a seamless experience. The beauty of their products is that anyone who knows how to use a home oven can use it. Everything is done automatically, there is no propane, so for those who are intimidated by traditional grills, this is the perfect piece of equipment,

Traeger Grills innovations over recent years

Cooking vegetables is easy on a TraegerPhoto: Traeger Grills

Cooking vegetables is easy on a Traeger
Photo: Traeger Grills

In 2022, the company release the Timberline (on the article cover) and Timberline XL models which are the ultimate combination of consistency, convenience and versatility. Included on these are two Traeger x MEATER® wireless meat thermometers (owned by Treager Grills), for precise food temperature tracking, no matter where you are, as well as the EZ-Clean™ grease and ash pan system that channels the latters into an effective and accessible unit for simple disposal. In short, these are innovations that will make outdoor cooking easier. 

Want to experience it for yourself? Trying the ribs are really recommended. Also, you shouldn’t shy away from trying to bake breads, muffins and any everyday recipe.

Shop the range on their online shop and in specialist BBQ shops.

Also, do not hesitate to get the book Playing with Fire by Chef Michael Symon

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