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Fashion essentials for gentlemen, our list

We often wonder, what should end up in our wardrobe. You have to think simple and that can fit well with several things. So here are our fashion essentials for gentlemen.

Fashion essentials for gentlemen: on top

The Blue Jacket

Fashion essentials for gentlemen - Canali Kei Jacket - Harry Rosen

Canali Kei Sport Jacket 
Photo: Harry Rosen

First of all, You have certainly seen this summer in several events, yes, also it is now a must, the famous blue jacket. Not the dark blue, but a little more royal blue. It is a passe-partout, is worn as well with black jeans as blue jeans as white pants. In short, it will become your best friend in your evenings. And in addition it’s pretty neutral as color so it’s not too flashy, but just enough to be different from the others.

Fashion essentials for gentlemen - L.B.M 1911 Jacket

L.B.M 1911 Jacket
Photo: Harry Rosen


The dark polo

Polo Lacoste L.12.12 - Fashion essentials for gentlemen

Polo Lacoste L.12.12

Yes the summer is coming to an end, but not the Polo season, it is good forever. Classic and chic at the same time, it is as good at brunch as at 5 to 7. And in dark color it will match as well with your jeans as with your pants cleaner. Come on, do not hesitate. As a result, you should take a look at Lacoste for your first Polo shirt.

Jeans jacket

Fashion essentials for gentlemen - Rag and Bone Mr. Porter

Rag and Bone GQ Selects
Mr. Porter

Fall is coming in a few weeks and we wonder what to wear in the morning when the temperature has cooled a little but not too much? The jeans jacket is perfect. Find one that fits your shoulders well and that will not be too big. The fashion of big clothes hip-hop was not in the 90’s? Here is a great model Rag and Bone by Mr. Porter. In conclusion, it’s on GQ Selects list!

Fashion essentials for gentlemen: The pants

The black jeans

6 essential menswear items - Super Skinny Guy - Black Power Stretch – Naked and famous

Super Skinny Guy – Black Power Stretch
Naked and Famous

Why black jeans? It goes with everything because it is literally the perfect fashion accessory and makes it different from the blue jeans that everyone wears. Personally, I hover over the Quebec brand Naked and Famous who make their jeans in Montreal with denim imported from Japan. It’s nice to know that people here are working. In short, my suggestion. Guys, try to have a pair of jeans that fit really well at your waist. The jeans too low and poaching, it is not super beautiful and it does not bad teen. We aged a little and we assume. And, as with any pants, we add the belt, nobody really wants to see your butt!

The white pants

Fashion essentials for gentlemen - White pants - Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger

Practical for several occasion, such as on a cruise for example. Make sure you find the one that fits you like a glove, because more than any pants, you can easily see the defects.

P.S. À éviter avec le vin rouge.

Fashion essentials for gentlemen

The Trench


The Kensington – Mid-Length Heritage Trench Coat
Photo: Burberry

To say that this coat is a dream for me would be an euphemism. I dream of having a Burberry trench for a long time. I would love to buy it on a future trip to London by going directly to the Regents Street Flagship. But why a trench? In addition to being waterproof, it is stylish, good for fall and early winter, it is warm, resistant. In short, it is the perfect garment! Also, it is made in England, what to ask for more!


The details of the Burberry Collar
Photo: Burberry

Here is our list of fashion essentials for gentlemen. What would you add? Besides, do you know Clusier?


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