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New Spring Looks at Clusier boutique for 2020

Clusier - Paul and Shark - cover

While spring is here, let’s see some new collections arriving at Clusier, among them, some big names: Canali, Paul & Shark, Vilberquin. Although the store is not open, we will be on May 25, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can make the layaways for you. Let’s see the new Spring looks at Clusier.

The suits at Clusier

In bespoke suits, this season we have five main suppliers. We start from the high end to the very high end. Our entry level is the Canadian brand Jack Victor. This is a cut that we developed with the manufacturer in 100% Italian fabrics, everything is assembled in Montréal. It’s modern, but it’s a lot of men. The jacket is quite short, it’s young in style.

Then, always made in Canada, Samuelsohn, which is the best Canadian confection in the tailor-made suit, the price varies according to the fabrics; obviously, the price increases if we choose fabrics from Italian origin.

I told you about it in the introduction, this is our new introduction to the season. We now have a “sartorial” construction, but very light. A real floating canvas, no thermo-bonding. And that answer is Canali. It’s one of the top brands for men, but it’s not in hyperluxury. It’s a garment equivalent to big brands, but with a lower price. Here we’re targeting the man who wants something sexier, more modern. Also, with Canali, it’s a complete collection, jackets, suits, shirts and ties. Everything comes together. It is easy to make a wardrobe exclusively in Canali for the spring-summer seasons. Eventually, the four-season suits will be added.

At Canali, for spring-summer, the Kei model has an ultra-light construction and not at all lined, but which nevertheless has a structure at the front to give it its shape, made of printed wool and wrinkle-free, which allows bring it on a trip, weather permitting, of course.

To finish our suits, we go there with Pal Zilieri, which is our most requested collection after Luigi Bianchi. We are here with a structure different from Canali, we are really in a range designed for the senior businessman who wants a “deal closing suit”, a little more structure at the shoulder, the lapels are wider, the jacket a little longer. It’s for a man who wants a lot of poise.

Pants from Italy!

We also have these pants, Marco Pascarolo, it is handmade in Naples, the inside of the pockets is a shirt fabric, each button is different. We will have jeans too. He’s our next star here.

New Spring Looks at Clusier for the shirts!

We have also increased our offer of Clusier shirts, it is really the best value on the market. A shirt for less than $160, made of Italian cotton, made in Europe. We took a very popular existing cut and adapted it to the Clusier customer. We have, new this season, the cotton-linen shirt, with much lighter and supple collar and cuff inserts. Our shirts are a way of building your wardrobe: it is made in several colors, the basics are there, in short, the young professional will find everything you need here. We also have a new legal shirt for lawyers, a big request we had.

We love the brand Xacus, beautiful linens, interesting colors, magnificent. Emanuel Berg, also new this season, a shirt that comes from Europe that we bespoke. They have an extensive program for tailor-made.

The relax fit for Spring

In the jeans, we have Paige, an ultra-comfortable stretch jeans, the Re-Ash pants in more summer colors.

Clusier - Sunspel polo - New Spring Looks at Clusier

Photo: Sunspel

On the Sunspel side, it’s hard to forget the famous James Bond polo shirt. The brand is vertically integrated, they have their cotton plants, and therefore does everything from A to Z. They are the creators of the t-shirt, we have a more British side with the latter, more classic, we have a satin appearance, but not stretch, fitted, but very flattering. The collar pajamas are also coming back.

Clusier Gran Sasso - shirt

Photo: Gran Sasso

The summer side continues with Grand Sasso, a little more leisure, Côte d’Azur, you can feel the freshness, the carelessness.

Clusier - Gran Sasso - Shorts and Polo - New Spring Looks at Clusier

Photo: Gran Sasso

We are also going to have the complete Vileberquin collection: t-shirt, towels, beach bag and, of course, the bathing suits. It’s really the fun Côte d’Azur looks. With beautiful colors.

The coats are a must for the new Spring looks at Clusier

As for coats, let’s start with Manto, an Italian brand. We have the best jerseys, the best nylon, little down, made solid. We have two models including a raincoat.

Another novelty, Boglioli, the creators of the “soft jacket”, looks like a glove. The models are made in wool, cotton, linen-cotton. A beautiful texture.

Clusier - Paul and Shark - Jacket - New Spring Looks at Clusier

Photo: Paul & Shark

A big addition also with Paul & Shark, which comes to fill a side that we did not have in store. We ordered their classic colors, black, gray, white and accents of red. I think that’s how this brand should be worn.

For leisure, the boat, by the quay. It is a family company that manufactures all their products. The important thing for this company is the quality of the product at the base.

Clusier - Herno Laminar Trench - New Spring Looks at Clusier

Photo: Herno

With Herno, these are quilted jackets, raincoats.

Clusier - Herno Quilted

Photo: Herno

Shoes to relax

We also had new Loake sneakers, all lined in leather, finished by hand, summer is more casual, without forgetting the loafer also at Loake. 

We also have Zespa, we will have 7–8 models, ventilated mesh loafers. It’s French, made in Portugal, all lined in leather. Little anecdote, I wore them during my recent plane trip to the Alps, and it’s perfect, I didn’t get too hot because of the internal construction of the shoe, it is incredibly comfortable, it’s hard not to buy all the colors.

We look forward to see you when it will be possible, starting May 25 for the reopening.

* The members of Le Club by Gentologie are entitled to a rebate of $ 100 on their first purchase $ 300 and more at Clusier

** This article was originally published in the Gentologie Spring Magazine

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