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Escape in sunny destinations is a must for Luxury Holidays

Escape in sunny destinations - Riu Palace Jamaica

While we all want our holidays not to be spoiled by bad weather and other worries, the ideal is to escape in sunny destinations in order to really pick up and recharge your batteries.

To really win, you have to escape in the sunny destinations.

While we are all busier than each other, it is certainly not a holiday a few hours from home cars that will make you rest. Because if there is one thing that holidays abroad serve, it is good to break a monotonous routine well installed and to relax. They provide an opportunity to escape all the daily stressors. When you spend your holidays at home or at the cottage, you often have additional tasks such as preparing meals, various repairs and other household tasks, and most importantly, planning everything you need to do during your holidays.

You will probably also be on your smartphone during your vacation to look at different emails. Did you know that 44% of all Canadians in the same survey said they were “more or less connected to technology”, and 5 out of 10 respondents said they did not log off at all during their holidays. Still, the escape in sunny destinations is the best way to leave your smartphones behind, unpack and reconnect with family and friends without being constantly connected to technology. The different lockers or safety boxes of the hotels are there for that.

Are you an entrepreneur? Tell your employees that you will be looking at your phone once a day, or leave a message of absence on your email so that people know that you will check your emails more sporadically.

Escape to enjoy luxury

Riu Palace Jamaica - Pool

Riu Palace Jamaica

I am sure that you are like me and that you are certainly not a fan of cleaning or making your bed in the morning or whatever the housework, do you say that a holiday here will not allow you to enjoy this rest to less to go to a hotel. This luxury is only accessible in the south with, for example, Riu Palace Jamaica, a 5 star adult hotel (18+) located directly on the beach of Montego Bay in Jamaica.


The Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites Resort and Spa

The Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites Resort and Spa

Another great choice is the Yucatan Platinum Princess All Suites Resort and Spa, another 5-star adult resort. This one is located in Riviera Maya in Mexico, a beautiful and sunny place where you will not risk to spend cool nights like it can be the case in the different regions of Canada.


Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites Resort and Spa - Escape in Sunny Destinations

Platinum Yucatan Princess All Suites Resort and Spa

With these two hotels, it’s not an unheated cold pool or the cold sea that you will find, but only pleasure and escape and you will come back rested with new ideas to start new projects and more, who knows.

Have a nice holiday!

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