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Bota Bota in Winter: Perfect to calm down and relax

Bota Bota in Winter - Header

As the December craze and holiday season draw to a close, there are many ways to unwind: going to the cottage, skiing and going to the spa. This last activity is really recovering for the whole system. A few weeks ago, I tested for three hours at the Bota Bota of the Old Port of Montreal, and yes, you can enjoy the Bota Bota in winter. Discover the summer at Bota Bota here.

Bota Bota in Winter - Entrance

Bota Bota in Winter - Front

First, if you’ve never experienced the Bota Bota experience, it’s before complete relaxation, possible thanks to the surrounding silence and breathtaking views of Montreal. If this is your first visit, I suggest you take advantage of the water circuit on the boat and in gardens. There are also treatments adapted to your needs and a restaurant offering the best flavors accompanied by incredible wines.

The water circuit at Bota Bota in winter.

Bota Bota in Winter - Hall

Even though the water circuit exists in summer, I feel that it is more efficient, reflecting the experience of Scandinavian spas.

It comes in several steps:

Step 1: Hot [10 to 20 minutes]

Bota Bota in Winter - Sauna

It is important to know that this one is taking off in the heat. Contrary to popular belief, the water circuit does not start in the hot bath, but rather in the dry sauna or steam bath. Possessing antalgic virtues, the heat of the dry sauna allows the relaxation of the muscles as well as the relief of the muscular pains. Let yourself be enveloped by the heat and evacuate your toxins in a completely natural way. This first step will not only benefit your body but also benefit your spirit. The worries of everyday life will evaporate little by little, over the minutes and droplets escaping from your pores. It is important not to exceed your limits and listen to your body in all the different steps.

Step 2: Cold [15 to 60 seconds]

Bota Bota in Winter - WaterfallTo continue the thermal experience, a short swim in the cold bath is a must. If it is too cold for your taste, showers are also a good way to access this stop. Speeding up the heart rate and tightening the pores of the skin are some of the features of this step, which is too often feared. Notice to the chilly: this stopover is the shortest and brings the most beneficial for the body. It is therefore inevitable if you want to take full advantage of the thermal cycle. Combined with heat, cold stimulates the senses, promotes the production of white blood cells and relieves aches and pains while increasing the production of well-deserved endorphins.

Step 3: Relaxation [20 minutes]

Bota Bota in Winter - Swings

After the effort, comfort. The third step of the water circuit takes place in the relaxation areas, either in the lounge chairs (the latter are indoors during the winter), beanbags or hammocks. Between the hot and the cold, your body swings, but it’s time to stabilize the heartbeat in a calm and peaceful environment.

Bota Bota in winter: Some differences.

Bota Bota in Winter - Pier

You will certainly notice some differences from the summer, including the restaurant terrace which is absent. However it is still in operation as we told you earlier. The chairs are obviously not present outside during the winter (I do not know many people who sunbath outside at -15).

Bota Bota in Winter - Garden

However, you will be happy to know that the gardens are open and that it is really nice to be able to swim outside. You will also have a totally different view because of the lack of trees. But the snow and all the white color, the result of the latter, change the appearance of Bota Bota in winter and transform, so to speak, your relaxation experience.

Respect at Bota Bota in winter.

Bota Bota in Winter - Chairs

A rule that we often forget when we are in a Spa like Bota Bota is silence. Relaxation often begins with silence and it is important for everyone to keep a low voice, in places where it is allowed. Same thing for photos do it with respect when you are alone in different places. You can even ask the staff to take pictures for you, they will do it as much as possible, note that these are not your assigned photographers.

What to bring to Bota Bota in winter?

One of the most important things you can do in summer, but not in winter, is your sandals. The metal stairs, the snow, in short several obstacles for your feet during winter. You will obviously need your swimsuit and a bottle of water can be useful even though there are recyclable cups for single use, do not forget to hydrate during your journey. You can come directly after your shopping session, there are lockers that are very safe. The bathrobes (too comfortable)

Bota Bota in Winter - Old Port

There are several packages that are offered, I invite you to consult them on the Bota Bota website.

Do not forget that Bota Bota Gift Certificates can make an excellent host/hostess gift for your next invitation.

Source: Bota Bota for some parts of the text.

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