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Bota Bota Spa – Relaxation in the Old Montreal

Bota Bota spa Extérieur

With more than 10 years under its belt, the Bota Bota spa adorns the Old Port of Montreal with its relaxing presence which does us the greatest good, even before going inside. Follow us for a little visit.

Welcome to the marine world of Bota Bota

Above all, you must remember that when you board this marine universe, it is a matter of enjoying a moment of relaxation and tranquility aboard the boat and the gardens. Conversations in low voices are allowed in the gardens and there is silence everywhere on the boat. Flight attendants ensure the tranquility of the premises and are available to assist you on your journey; do not hesitate to call upon their expertise.

A massage area, baths, everything is there to change your mood. Without forgetting the treatments: whether it be the face, body or hands and feet, the professionals of the team at this spa, anchored in the Old Port of Montreal, will give you back a great look and you will be ready to restore land on dry land.

Bota Bota spa Intérieur

Bota Bota spa - Terrasse

But what is the water circuit, according to the Bota Bota site : « To enjoy the full benefits of thermal therapy, it is very important to follow the circuit’s clearly defined steps. Start on the Promenade Deck or the Sunshine Deck for a 10 to 15 minute session in the dry sauna or steam bath. This will raise your body temperature, dilate pores and flush out toxins. Next, take a courageous dip (head included!) into one of the cold baths or under the cold shower to get your heart pumping and close your pores. The final step in the Nordic bath circuit involves stretching out in one of our many relaxation areas. You can also enjoy the stunning views from one of the whirlpools or curl up in a chair on the Middle Deck for 20 minutes, as your heart rate returns to normal. This is your time to close your eyes, relax, and let yourself be swept away!»

Bota Bota spa - Jardins soir 2

The Gardens, the big plus of this marine spa

Bota Bota spa Jardins

In 2015, Bota Bota set foot on the ground by setting up the Bota Bota Gardens, a four-season urban oasis, a first in downtown Montreal. Every year since its opening, Bota Bota has added new facilities and has pushed back its limits when building these large gardens, gardens that honor the relaxed luxury of its urban oasis and its philosophy of respect for the environment. ‘environment.

The Bota Bota Gardens are beautifully designed and majestically arranged on the main decks of the boat, combining a superb indoor and outdoor thermal experience in the unique surroundings of the St. Lawrence River and the Old Port. With the addition of containers, we note the theme of the water still present here. The gardens include a steam bath, a hot tub, a cold pool, a fireplace, relaxation areas, a space devoted to yoga and, Full center, a 60-foot-100 pool, probably the only outdoor pool in Montreal. The highlight, the different views, whether on the downtown or the Silo no5, is paradise!

Bota Bota spa - Jardins soir 1

Geneviève Émond, the captain of this eclectic spa, explains that the Outside Gardens not only enlarging the existing water circuit, but also adding a green space that is welcome at the spa. “What Bota offers is access to an outdoor spa experience in the heart of downtown Montreal,” she says. Summer or winter, due to our location on the river, you can enjoy a ray of sunshine or a refreshing breeze in the midst of sometimes heavy urban air. Coming here is like going on a seaside holiday: there is always a nice breeze.

So, when you discover the Bota Bota, you probably will not want to leave the place. either in summer or in winter.

To learn more, visit their website

Source et photos: Bota Bota

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