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International Women’s Day : For better gentlemen


It was when I thought about this discussion with 5 women that I got the idea for this article. International Women’s Day is a necessary day. And for that, we must all participate, because equality is a win for everyone. I still hesitated for a long time before publishing this article. Surely to avoid all the criticisms that may come with it. But in short, Gentologie’s mission is to make all men gentlemen, and when we speak of gentlemen, equality dominates, regardless of the field.

Becoming better gentlemen for International Women’s Day

International Women's Day ---business

Photograph: August de Richelieu – Pexels

You will probably ask me why I speak of gentlemen when it is International Women’s Day, well that’s easy. It is for the latter that we must be better gentlemen. We need to have better manners, be respectful at all times, be better coworkers, be better bosses by advocating equal pay for equivalent work, etc.

When we say that we should act like a gentleman, it is not for us. It is for others, in order to have a better life in society. And acting towards others includes women (if you hadn’t understood that).

How to place women in the foreground in a gentlemen’s site?

International Women's Day ---Cheer

Photograph: Ketut Subiyanto – Pexels

While our main target of Gentologie are gentlemen, I wonder daily how to give a place for women on the site, because many of you are still reading us. And I think I found it. While I said earlier that women have a positive influence on our behavior, I still believe that they can help us be better in all areas of our lives.

Examples? While the #MeToo scandal and the various denunciations have been very present in recent years and still are, why not ask women for advice on relationships, what they like, what they like less, techniques for to seduce them better, the better to please them, in short you see where I’m going, at least I hope. This topic can be endless and clearly have a positive impact on us, even though all women are different and do not think the same. I see this way of influencing us not by a repressive effect, it never works, but by showing us the right direction and guiding us on the best practices to adopt.

A Day for Men?

Don’t throw stones at me yet. While feminicides, various assaults and violence against women multiply, I believe that a day to talk about men’s health, both mental and physical, good habits to adopt in society so that once and for all all equality predominates, becomes more than necessary. Violence is still too easy a solution for many men to solve problems and unfortunately, it is often women who suffer.

For this reason, I believe that we need a day in order to sensitize men to the benefit of an egalitarian society which will make us all grow up. Not a day to put men forward, we often do so, but a day to make us aware of the various problems that we too often try to bury inside.

Finally, I try to improve myself in this constantly changing universe in order to know how to behave, and I know that I am not perfect, no one is, it does not excuse my differences. Words that could have been moved over the years, but it is by trying to make room for people from different backgrounds that we will change collectively.

On this ladies and ladies, happy International Women’s Day. To learn more about this day, I invite you to visit the UN website.

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