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RIMOWA Luggages : Exceptional since 1937.


As the RIMOWA brand celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2017, I think it’s still timely to tell you about it. Having just returned from a trip myself, I can tell you how much of a burden having a heavy suitcase can be. Even though my trip was short, carrying a suitcase weighing close to 50 pounds (which includes the weight of the suitcase) is never pleasant. If the suitcase was lighter, it would otherwise be easier to carry, easier to handle.

The purchase of a luggage, a discount race that has no place to be.

While most consumers who are going to buy a suitcase will look for the discount before quality, this is often a disappointment they will have on their future trips. The suitcase is too heavy, not adapted, poorly designed. In short, so many irritants at the level of a purchase as import that can completely transform an experience in a pleasant trip to unpleasant. Do your research before shopping, assess your needs, go to suitcases specialists, compare, try, do not be influenced by the price even if it is so tempting. And remember that low prices rarely rhyme with quality.

RIMOWA Luggages, 80 years of making exceptional products.

Here is the beautiful film directed by Dan Tobin Smith, who has followed various stages of production at the company’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany.

Created in 1898, it is in the 1930s, when the RIMOWA plant catches fire that the company will take a rapid rise. Because after this fire, only one material remains, a silver metal, light gray, flame resistant. In 1937, already firmly established, the company revolutionized the world of travel by launching the production of ultralight luggage, shaped in aluminum. As can be seen again today, the aluminum case has stood the test of time – more so, it has gradually become the flagship product of the brand RIMOWA luggages. In 1950, the launch of a new aluminum line with a characteristic grooved structure definitely confirms the renown of the RIMOWA models, becoming the symbol of a high-end travel culture that we still know today. Even more, since it is owned by the LVMH group (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy).

It was in 1976 that a new innovation was born with the development of the first waterproof luggage for cameras, which protect fragile equipment from water and moisture, quite interesting and really ahead of time. . In 2017, a new generation of the grooved Topas model is launched: an additional milestone for RIMOWA’s iconic aluminum case.

RIMOWA Luggages : An iconic design



While one often tries to change in order to be different from the others, RIMOWA Luggages has remained true to its heritage and has kept the original concept of the aluminum suitcase unchanged. During the production phase, the aluminum body – a very robust material combining clean design and durability – benefits from a meticulous handcrafted finish, transforming its smooth surface into a shiny grooved case. It is no less than 205 pieces and more than 90 transformation phases that are necessary to create a suitcase, all verified and assembled by humans, incredible in this generation of automation. In exactly 117 minutes, a classic Topas suitcase is complete and ready to leave the Cologne factory. Throughout its existence, the dents, scratches and stickers that will appear on its surface will serve to remind you of the different stages of a shared story.

Four RIMOWA aluminum suitcases represent the milestones of the past 80 years:

  • The trunk was one of the first luggage to be made of aluminum. Its “hammered” design was characteristic of the time.
  • The small, grooved suitcases were a symbol of prestige for the elegant cosmopolitans of the mid-twentieth century.
  • The camera case is another RIMOWA innovation, and is still manufactured in Cologne in the Tropicana line.
  • The 2017 Topas model is a modern aluminum trolley with high-end Multiwheel® system and an extendable telescopic handle that is infinitely variable for greater flexibility.

Learn more about RIMOWA new image trough this link

To find out more, do not hesitate to visit their website to find the nearest retailer or to buy online!


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