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Genesis House New York: At the heart of Korean culture


Over the past few months, at the invitation of Genesis Motors, I had the opportunity to visit the Genesis House. This multi-experiential space, which includes a restaurant, a showroom and a library, is the flagship of the South Korean luxury car brand in North America. Located in the Meatpacking District on Manhattan Island, this place is certainly a peaceful haven full of things to discover. I am inviting you on this particular journey.

Let’s begin our tour of Genesis House New York


The exterior
Photo: Genesis House New York

The first thing to know about this place is that it is a real foray into the world of Genesis. Although you cannot make a purchase on site, you may do so in their New York studio, located in the Hudson Yards shopping centre. I walked through the massive glass doors of this 4,340-square-metre building, designed by Suh Architects of Seoul, to meet with the senior manager of public relations and communications for the North American division of Genesis Motors, Montréal-born Jarred Pellat. In fact, he was surprisingly really into my interview, answering my questions in impeccable French.

Ground floor: a groundbreaking showroom


The Showroom
Photo: Genesis House New York

Starting my visit on the ground floor, I notice an exhibition room that seems, at first glance, conventional, but I could not have been more wrong. Every body colour you can imagine can be found on the doors of the matching vehicles, you can touch the different fabrics, sit in the latest vehicles, including the GV80 model and the spacious and breathtaking G90 sedan, the pinnacle of luxury from the Asian company. By the way, Genesis is one of the few manufacturers to develop almost as many sedans as SUVs and I secretly hope for an electric G60 version of the GV60, which is the brand’s most compact model. 

Cellar Stage: a technological mecca


The Cellar Stage
Photo: Genesis House New York

We are then taking it one floor lower. This spacious area is definitely dressed to impress any potential buyer. The Cellar Stage, as Genesis calls it, wants to nourish the mind with a myriad of events, each more explosive than the last. These include high-level conferences and interactive experiences. Equipped with an all-LED stage and state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, this unique space transforms throughout the year to accommodate guests from all walks of life. Last April, the brand unveiled its GV80 Coupe concept at the New York International Auto Show. 

Library: a story of culture and tea


The Library
Photo: Genesis House New York

This floor has nothing to do with what we find on the two floors above. It is a total immersion in the South Korean world. The architecture is spectacular. The glass features on the outside bring a futuristic look to the facility, while the wood brings the warmth on the inside. After climbing either the stairs or the elevator, one can see the restaurant and bar on one side, and on the other, the library created in collaboration with book publisher Assouline and Arumjigi, a non-profit cultural foundation dedicated to the worldwide promotion of Korean culture and to the beauty and value of art. With a collection of hundreds of rare writings, one can take the time to discover, with a delicious brew, all the unsuspected secrets. In addition, the site’s tea master can guide visitors through a traditional ceremony of the Korean tea brewing art while they relax in the tranquil environment of the tea room. Both this veranda-like room and the rest of the library overlook the High Line, where one can also find a terrace.


The Terrace
Photo: Genesis House New York

The Restaurant of the Genesis House New York: the final stop, but not the least


The Restaurant
Photo: Genesis House New York

Nearing the end of my journey, I am greeted at the restaurant with a delicious glass of Drappier champagne. Designed by the brigade at Onjium, a Michelin-starred restaurant and cultural institute in Seoul dedicated to creating a new and sustainable heritage by drawing inspiration from traditional Korean clothing, food and architecture. This place offers gourmet experiences that transport you into a world of unique flavours. Here we are in a kitchen that rethinks generations-old recipes to reintroduce them to our modern world. There is something particular about being in this place of zen that makes us forget the passing time, which is quite pleasant. The brigade perfectly blends ancestral methods dating back to the 1300s with progressive principles of the Slow Food and responsible sourcing philosophies. Led by head chefs Cho Eunhee and Park Sungbae, the team brings its carefully crafted blend of Korean flavours based on seasonal items and traditional fermentation techniques to Genesis House’s restaurant, on the lead of the executive chef, Losa Yi. 


A Suranchae
Photo: Genesis House New York

In addition, the refined menu of the place continually changes with the seasons. It aims to showcase the best local and imported ingredients in iconic Korean recipes such as suranchae, a seafood specialty (see picture). To top off the dining experience, an authentic selection of banchan (side dishes) and drinks is offered. The service is outstanding, and the majestic view of the Hudson River from the large windows of the facility is something one cannot overlook. The journey ended with a phenomenal, tasty tea that brought me comfort and helped my digestion. 

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A huge thank you to Mr. Dustin Woods of Genesis Motors Canada and Mr. Jarred Pellat of Genesis Motors America for this memorable visit. The cost of this meal was paid by Genesis Motors while the travel expenses were covered by Gentologie. 

Genesis House New York
40A, 10th Avenue
New York NY, États Unis | USA 0014

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