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Genesis: When Korean luxury goes global


The Genesis brand, a division of Hyundai Motors, is an elegant brand that is admired by many. In fact, this one is on its way to becoming a true phenomenon because of its exponential popularity. Indeed, according to the company’s top executives in North America, Genesis is among the automakers that have experienced
a significant increase in sales of their portfolio in recent years.

It is important to mention, however, that we are talking in proportional rather than absolute terms. In the first quarter of 2023, the manufacturer sold 1,322 units in the country and managed to generate 52% growth over the same period last year. This data shows that the popularity of the brand in this niche market is well established.

The origin of the Genesis name


Genesis G 80 (Also offered in Electrified version)
Photo: Genesis

But what does Genesis stand for? What is the origin of this brand whose remarkable design, the quality of assembly and the exceptional mastery of materials allowed it to rise to the top of the luxury vehicle market?


Mr. Eric Marshall – Director, Genesis Motors Canada
Photo: Genesis

Genesis means the beginning. For Mr. Eric Marshall, the brand manager in Canada, it is above all synonymous with a brand that wants to be at the cutting-edge of innovation. “Genesis is more than just a car brand. We want our customers to live passionately and discover a new way to enjoy their vehicle with us,” he stated during a brief meeting on the sidelines of the unveiling of the new electric model, the GV70.

The name Genesis is no stranger to Hyundai. First associated with a sports car, it was then used for a large sedan that combined engine power and interior refinement. Unfortunately, the sales targets for these models were never met. Part of the reason for this could be that consumers were not necessarily visiting a Hyundai dealership with the intention of getting their hands on a luxury car. The company has also tested the Equus, a luxury sedan, available exclusively online and includes its very own concierge services. Despite the quality of the vehicle and its competitive price compared to its German rivals, it has not been as successful as expected in this market.

A new beginning


Genesis GV80 Coupe Concept

This is where the experience and judgment of Genesis’s president, Mr. Don Romano, helped give the company a new momentum. Also serving as President and CEO of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. for the past 10 years, he travelled to Korea on his own initiative to advocate for a project dear to his heart, that is, to propose split offerings for Genesis and Hyundai. Although proud of the positive response from his superiors, he was not alone in promoting the potential of the idea and he modestly shows that he gives credit to the whole team during the interview. “By providing separate offerings, we can reach people’s concerns more easily and provide a quality of service that better meets their requirements. We’ve created a new way of doing things from the ground up, and the combined efforts of everyone involved are helping to bring distinctive vehicles to the forefront. That’s what makes Genesis so successful,” says Mr. Don Romano.

Genesis, the sequel


Genesis X Convertible Concept
Photo: Genesis

After almost a decade of existence on Canadian soil — Genesis launched its first models in 2016 — the company is more than ever at the top of its game. With its exceptional product quality, unique distribution system and top-notch dealerships across the country, the brand is shining brightly. In the province of Québec, Québec City and Sherbrooke are already served by a few retailers, while Trois-Rivières and Laval are the next focus of the renowned brand.


Mr. Luc Donckerwolke, president and chief creative officer of Hyundai Motors and Genesis Motors
Photo: genesis

In the coming years, design will play an even more important role at Genesis. The company has partnered with one of the biggest names in automotive design, Mr. Luc Donckerwolke, president and chief creative officer of Hyundai Motors and Genesis Motors. Among its achievements, we must mention the superb trio of Genesis X concepts, including the Genesis X Speedium Coupe. (Read my article on theGenesis X Convertible here).


The Concepts X Series : Genesis X -Genesis X Speedium Coupe – Genesis X Convertible

Finally, the company will focus on cutting-edge technologies ranging from partial or complete electrification of the range to technical innovations improving comfort. In the short term, certain models, such as the electrically powered GV70 or the majestically designed GV80 Coupe (you can read my test drive of the GV80 here), will serve as building blocks for the future success of Genesis. These models are featured at the new Genesis House in New York City – I invite you to read the article about it on the next page. “We are proud to be able to offer both personality in our vehicles and quality in our service. That is the true definition of Genesis,” concludes Mr. Erick Marshall.

Visit the Genesis Canada website at this link

This article was originally published in Gentologie magazine Issue 11 and is brought to you free of charge.

Editor’s Note** It is with great pleasure that we announce that the next two editions of Gentologie magazine will be offered free of charge as limited editions to customers visiting Genesis distributors across Canada. 


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