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Antonius Caviar: The Quintessence of Caviar

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Caviar often has a strange reputation, either we love it or we hate it, it’s rarely between the two. While people were able to taste their product at our holiday magazine launch party, we tell you more about Antonius Caviar, represented in Quebec by Oysters & Caviar, and who will certainly end up on many tables during the holiday season.

The Genesis of Antonius Caviar

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Photo: Antonius Caviar

Founded in 2014 by Antoni Łakomiak, a world-renowned caviar expert, the Polish family-owned Antonius Caviar is now recognized by and appreciated by many chefs from the best restaurants.

Each stage of the breeding, selection and production of caviar is meticulously cared for. Thanks to the care taken with every detail, they guarantee the repeatability of the high quality of the final product.

Antonius offers the best quality of unpasteurized fresh caviar. The latter is obtained and prepared using traditional methods used for centuries. It is caviar with unique and exceptional taste resulting from excellent sturgeon breeding conditions, crystal-clear waters of Warmia and maximum attention to the quality of its eggs. Although the company has only been around for 5 years, they have been raising sturgeons for almost 25 years.

Caviar which is considered to be a royal delicacy has to be properly served and tasted. Although it sounds snobbish, it is said that you don’t eat caviar, you taste it. You have to remember that it is not always love at first taste. 

How to Serve Caviar

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Photo: Antonius Caviar

Caviar should be properly chilled to preserve its freshness. It is very sensitive to temperature. You can keep caviar in the refrigerator but not in the freezer!

You serve caviar in chilled glass dishes (bowls), preferably made of crystal. The bowl should be placed on crushed ice. It guarantees fresh flavour.

What to eat with caviar? 

Traditionally: blinis. It can be served on warm toasts. The caviar tastes wonderful with dark bread. It is usually served on small sandwiches. There’s something you need to be aware of! You don’t spread caviar. At parties it is served in an egg, it is sunk in it like an egg yolk. First, you eat caviar, then you can eat the egg.

Caviar matches seafood very well, for example, it tastes wonderful with fresh lobster. An equally delicious dish is “black gold in an oyster.” Caviar is served inside the oyster, try with the Gowanbre of the Sand Dune, like a jewel. The whole dish is served on ice crystal with lemon. 

You can also serve it with warm, unpeeled potatoes cut in half; you hollow them out and inside you put caviar. Then you “close” the potato and eat it as if in one piece. Caviar is also a perfect match for fish. It is served as a starter with vegetables too.

Caviar is inherently associated with alcohol. Good quality champagne is often a good match for sturgeon roe. It is also often served with white wine. In traditional Russian cuisine caviar is served with pure grain vodka, like the one from Menaud or Grey Goose.

Where to find Antonius Caviar products?

Antonius Caviar products are offered online by Oysters & Caviar or at La Mer Fish Market as well as in several restaurants in Montreal such as Joe Beef and Jatoba or Alo in Toronto. Oysters & Caviar, with their products, were also partners in our Issue 2 launch party!

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