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Fish n’ Chips at London’s Tate Modern

As 2017 just start, why not take a look back at the events of the past (and to translate old french blog posts). Here is a small return on my trip to London in 2013. Yes I know it makes a little bit, but good a good memory, especially those who find themselves on our taste buds, do not forget. Let’s discover the Fish n’ Chips at London’s Tate Modern.

Fish n' Chips at London's Tate Modern

Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

So I’m talking about a place to visit on your next trip to London (I recently checked out and the menu did not really change), this is the restaurant on the 6th floor of the Tate Modern Museum. First of all, it is one of the most beautiful views of London, but it is also an excellent restaurant with a The wine list of the Tate won the “Public Attraction List” at the “Imbibe Wine List of the Year Awards 2013”, in association with the Champagne Louis Rodederer, we do not speak A small price and remember that it is a museum restaurant and the Fish n’ Chips at London’s Tate Modern is excellent!

restaurant - TATE Modern

Photo: © Rory Gardiner (sur le site du Tate Modern)

As I mentioned above, you can see the view, the result of two glass façades offering natural light just magnificent, but reminds us that we are in London throughout our meal. For parents, know that this restaurant is very well equipped to welcome your children of all ages!
TATE Modern - Restaurant

Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

The decor also quite eclectic, but also refined, it breathes. It’s certainly to let us focus on our plate. Speaking of plate, know that the map of beers and wines is simply huge (you can check it on the site, link below in the article) so I advise you to ask your server for an interesting choice according to your preferences Otherwise you could spend hours looking at the menu.

As for the Fish n’ Chips at London’s Tate Modern, it’s probably the best I’ve eaten in my life, the fact that I was in London must certainly help. I must add that haddock was just perfect, a not too thick breadcrumb, an intriguing shape, hand-cut chips, a fairly spicy tartare sauce and a simply delicious pea puree! In short, I could not ask for better!



If you want to stop by on your next trip to London, you will find more details about the restaurant on the Tate Modern website, including menus and schedules. A big thank you to my friend Nadine Mathurin who recommended me this restaurant at the time.

And if this article just gave you a craving for Fish n’ Chips but you’re in Montreal. Don’t hesitate to try the Brit n’ Chips multiple locations. You will feel like you’re in A London Pub.


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