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Perfect wines for Easter weekend brunch or dinner

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While you certainly have in mind your menu for your Pascal weekend, here are the perfect wines for your Easter weekend.

The white wines perfect wines for Easter weekend

Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay Columbia Valley 2014

Chateau Ste Michelle - 6 vins parfaits pour votre repas de Pâques - 6 perfect wines for your Easter party

The Columbia Valley Chardonnay is an attractive white wine that is easy to drink. With its fresh and sweet chardonnay-like style, there is a shiny apple and a sweet citrus character with subtle flavors and shades of wood reminiscent of oak. It is perfect with seafood as a starter. Maybe even a lobster roll if you’re bold.

  • SAQ Code: 11416116
  • LCBO Code: 232439
  • Alcohol: 14,0%

Coteaux Bourguignon

Appelation Coteaux Bourguignon Contrôlée

Georges Duboeuf


Coteaux Bourguignons Georges Duboeuf - 6 vins parfaits pour votre repas de Pâques - 6 perfect wines for your Easter party


A beautiful novelty very fresh and lively. Pale golden shining dress. There are notes of citrus, more specifically lime, lemon mint, with a hint of vanilla. Round and warm. Perfect as an aperitif or with fish, tapas, crab that will definitely be on your table this weekend.

  • Code SAQ: 13188954
  • Code LCBO: N/A
  • Alcohol 12,5 %

A rosé to add to the Perfect wines for Easter weekend

Pétale de Rose Côtes de Provence Régine Sumeire 2015

Pétale de Rose - Régine Sumeire - 6 vins parfaits pour votre repas de Pâques - 6 perfect wines for your Easter party

One of my favorite rosé I have to say. With its petal-colored rose robe, hence its name, low intensity and fine nose from which emanate subtle floral and fruity notes. This beautiful dry rosé has a pleasant freshness, one is miles from the Californian rosés. Faithful to the aromas perceived by olfaction, it allows to perceive the flavors of small red berries and peony. In the palate, its soft texture precedes a rather persistent finish, it can by its hold perfectly accompany your meals or be the perfect companion of terrace.

  • Code SAQ: 00425496
  • Code LCBO: N/A
  • Alcohol: 13,5%

For more Rosé suggestions for the perfect wines for Easter weekend, you can visit our section.

The Reds to conclude the Perfect wines for Easter weekend

L’Appel des Sereines Syrah 2014 François Villard

L'Appel des Sereines

This beautiful Syrah color purplish red has a good intensity. With its powerful nose with the dominant aromas of violet, spices and blackberry. You will have a great pleasure to taste this red demonstrating a very great freshness, soft tannins and a persistent finish. Put in a carafe a good hour before drinking.

  • Code SAQ:  12292670
  • Code LCBO: N/A
  • Alcohol: 12,5%

Trapiche PURE Malbec Valle de UCO Mendoza 2015

Trapiche PURE Malbec

Good ok, this one is not for Easter, but for the World Malbec Day which takes place on Monday. The latter is the natural expression of a 100% Malbec of Argentina, one could not say better, its name represents it very well. Without aging in oak barrels, it is perfect with its aromas and concentration of red fruits (plum and cherry) very intense with a little spicy touch. It is a very pleasant, juicy wine, with velvety tains and a mineral side. Pleasant on the palate, it has a long finish. It will be perfect with a good steak of grilled beef with chimichuri in order to celebrate Argentina on this Monday that is Malbec Day!

  • Code SAQ: 12833397
  • Code LCBO: 370924
  • Alcohol: 14,5%

For more details on these different wines, visit your SAQ or LCBO.

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