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Visit of the Niagara Wineries – Rosewood Estates Winery

Our visit to Rosewood Estates Winery is rather a coincidence, the only stop not foreseen in the list of vineyards that we had established. I noticed the vineyard on our way to Hidden Bench Winery and Vineyards but also because I saw the previous night watching ads from the vineyards of the area left in our Airbnb as this vineyard, besides making wines Produces honey. Interestingly given that we had already drunk a good amount of alcohol before 11:00 am.

Hydromels - Rosewood Estates Winery

Credit: Rosewood Estates Winery

In short, on the way back, since this vineyard opened at 11:00 when we went there, so we stop for a short stop to see what it is. It is a wonderful discovery that is Rosewood Estates Winery, because it is in addition to being a vineyard, it is a hydromellerie. It was an interesting detour because we were quickly explained how the domain works and the importance of bees for them. We tasted 2 hydromels in total, the Ambrosia and the Harvest Gold, very fresh products with a taste of honey very pleasant on the palate. The honey composition differs from the products if I remember correctly. On the other hand to experience it, you will have to move but unfortunately none of these are in SAQ and they only deliver in Ontario.

Miels - Rosewood Estates Winery

Credit: RDPmag by Normand Boulanger

A discovery at Rosewood Estates Winery, honey

On the other hand my real discovery here is honey. Delicious honeys, one with walnuts inside, perfect to decorate small dishes to add this sweet taste. In short, truly interesting products that will perfectly complement your Niagara wine harvest.

Miel - Rosewood Estates Winery

Credit: RDPmag by Normand Boulanger

I thought I had taken pictures of the beautiful interior and also more of the outside, but I had to be so in the moment that I forgot to take them. In fact I took only one from the outside.

It was a very short stop of about 20 minutes just before we headed to the Dillon’s Distillery (this is the subject of the next ticket)!

Boutique - Rosewood Estates Winery

Credit: Rosewood Estates Winery

Do you want to visit Rosewood on your next visit? Have a look on their website!



A big thank you to Alexandre Petit and Marguerite Aghaby of Vins Fins, Isaac Delaney of Delaneyy Wines & Spirits, Élaine Côté de Rezin, Milton Mednick of Pearl Morrisette, Suzanne Danke of Stratus Vinyards, Paul De Campo of Southbrook Vineyards, Daniel Lafleur of Tawse and Redstone Winery, Harald Thiel and Meg McGrath of Hidden Bench Vineyards & Winery, David Hulley of Vineland Estates, Francis Martin of Chai Master. A special thanks to Korynne Binette of Philippe Dandurand and Christine Haddon de Queylus where unfortunately for circumstances beyond our control we were not able to make the visit but will soon be back.


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