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The Dalmore: Discover the quintessence of Whisky


It was last Tuesday (so a week ago) that I was invited along with a few other bloggers to the launch of The Dalmore’s Constellation collection. As you know, I love discovering new spirits, so I couldn’t refuse this wonderful invitation from The Dalmore.

Discovering the Whisky


Photograph: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

So I went to Maison Boulud of Ritz-Carlton Montréal for an hour with Jonathan Driver, the director of Rare Whiskey at The Dalmore.


Photograph: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

It is in the magnificent private room of Maison Boulud that we were received as king. Why Maison Boulud, not only because it is a luxurious restaurant that goes very well with the uniqueness of Dalmore whiskey, but above all because Daniel Boulud and The Dalmore have developed a line of whiskey unique to Mr. Boulud’s restaurants. But even more exceptional, this relationship was not built overnight like several stars who want their names associated with renowned spirits, but it took almost a year for the two parties to agree on the product to develop. It’s nice to see that anyway. Quality before quantity is also the motto of The Dalmore, which produces exceptional products, but in small numbers.

The Dalmore Constellation

So here is the collection. We tasted 5 of the 6 that you can observe. I believe that only the Cigar Malt Reserver (after verification it was 25 years) was not part of the tasting.
It is quite an experience to taste these venerable whiskeys, a real experience, especially accompanied by the wonderful duck and salmon bites from Maison Boulud. I, who have not yet visited the establishment, found myself privileged to find myself in this magnificent place.

Photograph: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

The food pairings were just perfect, as were Mr. Driver’s words which sounded like a calm river in a Scottish forest. To hear him speak with so much passion about whiskey, but also about life in general was really refreshing, the man is really generous, he wants to share his knowledge, his knowledge, in short, he wants us to know whiskey beforehand. that we buy the product (Thank you for the bottle of The Dalmore 12 years (In SAQ) offered during this tasting.)

I could try to tell you about the different whiskeys, but as a neophyte, I could only appreciate each of them and tasting them slowly while trying to find the subtle aromas. In short, it was a fabulous experience, especially for the tasting of 1992, a member of the Constellation which I will tell you more about in the next paragraph, a rare and exceptional product.


The Dalmore 1992
Photograph: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

But the reason we were invited to Maison Boulud was the unveiling of the Constellation Collection, yes, products as rare as shooting stars in the sky of the whiskey universe. I leave you with this image taken from the Dalmore site to appreciate its beauty.

The end note, the delicious macaroons and sublime madeleines from Maison Boulud, an exceptional way to end a magnificent evening!


Our host, Jonathan Driver, Rare Whisky Director at The Dalmore
Photograph: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

To learn more about this incredible whisky that is The Dalmore, it’s here.

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