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The romeo’s gin + tonic, the ready-to-drink to discover!

cover the romeo's gin + tonic

That’s it, the popular romeo’s gin is revolutionizing the ready-to-drink category today. This by presenting a version at the same time high-end and accessible of one of the most popular cocktails of the planet, the gin tonic with the romeo’s gin + tonic.


The romeo’s gin + tonic, your drink of the summer

This delight, which I had the chance to taste a few weeks ago during a special launch in the offices of romeo’s Gin, is a spirited cocktail delivered in a beautiful can of 250mL can will be available on the shelves of the SAQ everywhere in the province! We find in this can a fresh and distinct product, with a slight bitterness short, romeo’s gin + tonic reveals the taste we know it with its fresh and bold flavors of juniper berry, cucumber, dill, lavender, almond and lemon , all amalgamated with a tonic developed in-house exclusively for the recipe, based on natural essences of mandarin and elderflower.

A first edition with Tava for the 01 can of romeo’s gin + tonic

the romeo's gin + tonic + tava

Tava and his famous characters Ludo Fox et Frankie at  romeo’s gin + tonic launch Credit: Christina Fayad, romeo’s gin

romeo’s gin, whose mission is to promote and democratize urban art from here and elsewhere, is used to collaborating with different artists for its visual signature. This first edition of romeo’s gin + tonic is signed by Montreal’s artist TAVA, also known as Antoine Tavaglione, is a Canadian artist, mural painter and illustrator based in Montreal, featuring his colorful characters Ludo Fox and Frankie. The work “Ludo Fox & Frankie” is inspired by a famous portrait of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, one of the most remarkable images of documentary photographer Michael Halsband.

A bit more about the romeo’s gin + tonic

the romeo's gin + tonic + can

Credit: Christina Fayad, romeo’s gin

Romeo’s gin + tonic contains 7% alcohol and comes in a pack of 4 x 250mL cans, at a cost of $ 14.80 (1000 Inspire point at the moment), at the SAQ exclusively. I hope for them that he will be in the other Canadian provinces soon.

A new product of the entrepreneur Nicolas Duvernois

Nicolas Duvernoir + the romeo's gin + tonic

Nicolas Duvernois
Credit: Christina Fayad, romeo’s gin

“What’s exciting is that we are revolutionizing a category. A Quebec company is doing what has never been done before in the world: a gin tonic ready to drink, high-end, 100% natural. In addition, to associate with an artist as talented as TAVA, it’s a real honor! “Says Nicolas Duvernois, founder of romeo’s gin and Pur Vodka.

Entrepreneur, lecturer, author and blogger, Nicolas Duvernois has completely conquered the world of spirits since the founding of Pur Vodka in 2006, then that of romeo’s gin in 2016. Since the beginning of 2017, he assumes the presidency of the Junior Chamber of Commerce of Montreal and is the creator and co-founder of Mouvement Adopte Inc, a unique entrepreneurial experience in the world. On April 18, he was the very first guest dragon of the popular show Dans l’oeil du dragon, on Radio-Canada. You can see the show here(in french)

P.S.I’m sure it will be your summer drink!

P.S.S Find it here


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