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What to drink on Canada Day… and beyond

While today, July 1st, is Canada Day, and many of you may be wondering what to drink on Canada Day? Here are some suggestions! For your information, most SAQs are open, but the LCBOs are closed. And these suggestions can be good for your entire summer. Local drinking is Canadian too.

What to drink on Canada Day? Sparkling!

Nova 7 by Benjamin Bridge

Photo: Benjamin Bridge

Here we are pampered, whether it is Quebec or Ontario, we have the choice. Or even Nova Scotia with Benjamin Bridge who offers us beautiful products. Be it the Nova 7, a wonderful sparkling wine quite different from what you can know. A good sugar, but really nice.

Find the Nova 7 in SAQ

Find Nova 7 in LCBO

Pet Nat can by Benjamin Bridge

Photo: Benjamin Bridge

Otherwise, there is always the natural sparkling Benjamin Bridge also, but it is offered in private import or you can order online directly at Benjamin Bridge.

On the Quebec side, I like Le Blanc by Domaine Bergeville

Domaine Bergeville EN

Find Domaine Bergeville in SAQ

Spark by Tawse

Photo: Tawse

On the Ontario side, you can find the beautiful Tawse Spark, a vineyard I visited in 2016 as well, their sparkling wines are incredible and this Riesling certainly is. They have also just released their range of spirits.

Find it in LCBO

Discover the Tawse range online

What to drink at Canada Day? White wine!

Jackson Triggs Sauvignon Blanc

Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

There is no shortage of opportunities here. Let’s start with the Jackson-Triggs Sauvignon Blanc, another great product from the region of Canada. Perfect entry, quite light and fresh.

Find it in SAQ

Find it in LCBO

What to drink on Canada Day? Orange wine!

Southbrook Orange Wine

Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Let’s start with an orange wine. A few years ago, I visited Southbrook Vineyards in Ontario and discovered a delicious orange wine made with Vidal. It is a perfect wine seriously. I arranged it with a wild sockeye sashimi from La Poissonnerie La Mer, one of our partners. Unfortunately, it is not very easy to find and is not available at the LCBO, but a Southbrook product selection is offered in LCBO, unlike the SAQ.

Find it in SAQ

Find it in LCBO

What to drink on Canada Day? Red wine!

Malivoire Gamay

Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

What a red wine with seafood, and yes a small Gamay very light Malivoire. Put it in the fridge about thirty minutes and it will be perfect. These are not scallops from Canada, but strawberries are. And it’s a delight.

Malivoire Gamay in SAQ

Malivoire Gamay in LCBO

Osoyoos Larose le Grand Vin - Wine

Photo: Osoyoos Larose

In the best Canadian wines, if we forget those of Clos Jordanne who will soon be back on the shelves after years of fighting by Thomas Bachelder, Osoyoos Larose is certainly one of the great Canadian wines to put on your table. The Great Wine is always in what we can find better and easily. Discover our article about Osoyoos Larose

Find at the SAQ

Find at LCBO

There are of course many others and I could spend hours, but do not hesitate to try, you will certainly make beautiful discoveries.

Pur Vodka Canadian Vodka

Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Let’s end with a vodka from home, the PUR Vodka, because Canada is mostly Bloody Caesar! And with delicious oysters of Gowanbre from Prince Edward Island, it’s perfect.

PUR Vodka in SAQ

Happy Canada Day to all!


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