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Beauty essentials for gentlemen for Autumn 2021


As the days get shorter, and the opportunities to go out increase, it is important to be on your 36. Why not stock up on lots of new beauty essentials for gentlemen for Autumn 2021.

The Diesel Sound of the Brave perfume


Photo: Diesel

Incarnated by the music icon Skepta, the new Diesel perfume honors men who have the courage to share their sound to take a stand.

The oriental fern fragrance SOUND OF THE BRAVE by Diesel is composed like a piece of music by the composer of favorite fragrances Fabrice Pellegrin at Firmenich. We find a vibrant and powerful juice. Together they are accords of aromatic bison herbs and the essence of lavandin that resonate, which collide in a hip hop battle and in doing so unfold a perfect flow at the heart of the perfume.

At the top, we find the essences of spicy juniper and invigorating lemon which punctuate and detonate. Then comes a base of warm amber wood and sensual musk to envelop the measure in a bewitching roundness.

The fragrance’s star ingredient, bison grass, is loved for its aromatic accents with a subtle sweetness. It is generally used to flavor vodka. In Poland, the latter grows on land that hosts the last few herds of bison – hence its status as a protected plant, like the animal that gave it its name.

The facial products by Groom in the beauty essentials for gentlemen in the  2021


Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

You know that we adore Groom, we interviewed its co-founder Mr. Julien Blanchard a few months ago, and here they are back with two products formulated with the best that nature has to offer to face all bad weather (with winter which approach, this is essential). These novelties are sure to become essentials in your morning routine. Discover an effective and delicate facial cleanser, and a light mattifying moisturizer, with rapid absorption and which adapts to your skin.

Purifying Face Wash

The Face Wash by Groom has been specially designed for daily use. Its signature pleasant formula feels like you were at Bota Bota, includes effective cleansers that respect your skin, including purifying volcanic clay. In order to make it a complete treatment, they have incorporated soothing and moisturizing active natural ingredients, based on barley and jojoba, which protect the skin’s natural hydration.

Mattifying Face Moisturizer

The Mattifying Facial Moisturizer by Groom is specially formulated for comfortable to use. The latter is composed of superior quality ingredients which, combined with innovative active natural ingredients, provide an exceptional experience. To use, simply apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin. For complete care, use in combination with the purifying face wash just above. Suitable for all skin types.

Find the Groom products here

Euphorya, to add luxury in your skincare routine


Photo: Normand Boulanger | Gentologie

Created by Ms. Jessy Pelletier, Esthetician-Electrolyste-Medico-Esthetician, Euphorya is a young Quebec company created in 2020. The name chosen comes from the Greek and has several meanings: euphoria, joy, elation and well-being. Their goal is for you to find pleasure in taking care of your skin on a daily basis. Discover the first two products of the range.


We add an extra touch to our facial treatments with the fine natural exfoliant made from volcanic rocks, lavender and Euphorya citrus fruits. The latter removes all dead cells and impurities from the epidermis, like a manual microdermasion. This product allows cell regeneration by revealing a new fresh skin. Perform once or twice a week to give you healthier-looking skin, reduce the appearance of pores, brighten skin tone, reduce acne scars and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Buy Exfolya by Euphorya(In french)


In addition to its exfoliant, the young company offers a moisturizer made from olive oil, lavender and citrus fruits. Perfect formula of antioxidants, vitamins A, E, C, D and K. The latter provides complete skin hydration and anti-aging. Apply morning and night to leave skin looking healthy, glowing with health and a pleasant feeling of well hydrated skin.

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