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Gillette On Demand has landed in Canada

Gillette On Demand - Cover

Since the beginning of October, Gillette On Demand has been available to Canadians. The latter is a shaving club that gives you more flexibility by offering cost-effective options by giving you control of your subscription so you never run out of blades again.

What is Gillette On Demand?

Extensive research with Gillette’s customers and men in general has identified clear opportunities to improve the traditional single-option subscription: adding more flexible purchase options and increasing value because of Gillette’s high quality blades. For example, a 2015 study by Nielsen Homescan found that 41% of men who decided to leave traditional shaving clubs said they were getting more blades than they really needed. This frustration is a thing of the past, since the service allows subscribers to choose the quantity of deliveries and their frequency. Do not want to subscribe? No problem. Gillette On Demand offers unique ordering options to complement its flexible options.

Gillette On Demand - Limited Edition

A Limited Edition gift box for Holiday on Gillette On Demand 

A Limited edition gift box is available for the holiday season, It include a ProShield shaver with bonus: a matte black razor handle premium quality (a first offered by Gillette and on the picture on the cover), a matte black and chrome razor support.

“Gillette On Demand’s customer-driven ordering options and hands-on subscription options offer men smart choices, not compromises. This new service allows them to take control of their blade supply, without having to choose between convenience and flexibility or quality and value, “said Jennifer Seiler, Brand Manager at Gillette Canada.

Knowing that value has a real importance to men, the service includes a range of razor options at different prices. You can finally enjoy a high quality shave at a price that will surprise you pleasantly. If you choose to subscribe to the program, you will enjoy the benefit of receiving every fourth order at no cost.

You can order here! 

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