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GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar Razor: Hassle-free shaving


Available since early 2022, the GilletteLabs with exfoliating bar razor is the Boston-based company’s first razor to feature exfoliation technology built into the handle for a quick and easy shave. To this end, I recently had the opportunity to try this new product and I share with you in this article the first impressions of my experience.


GilletteLabs with exfoliating bar razor: Real Benefits?


Photo: Gillette

On the one hand, I must admit that I wondered about the distinctive benefits of this model compared to some of its predecessors. On the surface, it has five blades, it’s made of a zinc alloy, and it has a swivel head, but that’s where the play of similarities ends. Among these differences, we note that the lower part of the razor is completely covered in rubber and that the new FlexDisc 2D head is a natural evolution of the FlexBall by having its pivot point integrated into the handle rather than the frame of the blades. As for its main feature, namely the electric green exfoliating bar, I am happy to tell you that the performance of this one goes beyond my expectations. It actually removes dirt and residue from the skin for a smooth shave.

In addition, it seems obvious to me that the design team paid particular attention to the aesthetic aspect of the product. Whether it’s its brushed finish, charcoal colour, or light lines, this one exudes a premium feeling right out of the box. By association, it is important to mention the undeniable contribution of the magnetic base accompanying this razor. It beautifully complements the whole product by blending naturally into the environment in which it evolves.

In your shaving kit


Rapid Foaming Shave Gel
Photo: Gillette

Included in this shaving kit, the shave gel and fast-absorbing moisturizer supplement the experience. Made of seaweed and vitamin B3, these skin care products keep your skin hydrated at all times. I was impressed with the cooling look of the gel as well as its ability to lessen the irritation and burning sensation caused by razor blades. As for the moisturizer, its formula goes from a creamy to liquid state and brings an invigorating feeling when it comes into contact with the skin.

All in all, the GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar Razor offers a quick and easy shaving routine with a luxurious appearance. For many, this product will undoubtedly be seen as a simple trend, but it is by using it on a regular basis that you will notice that all of the specific characteristics provide a sensation that is very close to the traditional single-blade model your barber had.


Quick Rinse Shave Foam
Photo: Gillette

The GilletteLabs set with exfoliating bar that was tested for this article includes the razor handle, three cartridges, a magnetic base and a travel case for $44.99. For more details on GilletteLabs products, please visit the following link. Discover more shaving products in our men’s grooming section.

[Note: The products provided for this article are courtesy of Gillette. However, the comments expressed are not influenced and/or endorsed by the company.]


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