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How to be a gentleman for Mother’s Day

How to be a gentleman for Mother's Day

While this great celebration is coming up in Québec Province (in Canada and the U.S. too), it is on the second Sunday in May, or May 12 next year, it is a little later in France, on the last Sunday in May, or May 26 for 2024 and in the U.K. it was earlier this year, in March, as it is always celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Lent is the 40 days Christian fasting period that leads up to Easter. Here’s how to be a gentleman for Mother’s Day.

How to be a gentleman for Mother’s Day

Do not forget Mother’s Day

This is the most important point: do not forget the date, dear gentlemen. So make a note of the dates (yes, I am repeating them twice in just a few lines), either in your diary or on a reminder on your refrigerator or desk: May 12 in Canada and US and May 26 for France (for 2024).

What to give for Mother’s Day when you’re a gentleman

How to be a gentleman for Mother's Day - Brunch

Of course, at Gentologie, we are all about flowers—they are so beautiful this time of year, when the local blossoms start to come out—but they are not a gift, they are more of a thoughtful gesture. Incidentally, as an aside, there is no specific time to give flowers to your mother, spouse, best friend, etc. (yes, men like flowers too, but that is another subject). Plan ahead and reserve your bouquet a few weeks or days in advance, as this is one of the busiest periods for florists. Please don’t pick up flowers at the grocery store or convenient store. . . it is not very gentlemanly and it will show that you forgot and bought them at the last minute, and their quality is often not at its best. Do not forget to look your best, and forget the cap, see why here.

For the gift, if you are an only child, it goes without saying that the person you will be able to consult is your mother, in a subtle way we agree, or your father who may be able to align you. If you are part of a large family, try to make a bigger gift for several people, the surprise will be bigger and you will be able to get together to brainstorm and split the costs.

You are running out of ideas and your mother is not helping by saying, “I do not need anything!” Do not worry, it is a classic case. For my part, when I am in a similar situation, I try to remember our last conversations in which she told me about, for example, a piece of furniture she is talking about buying for herself, an object she broke/broke recently, an airline gift card for a trip she says she wants to take. I am sure there are plenty of things that are necessary in your mother’s life. It does not have to be huge, sometimes the gesture itself is more important than the gift, especially your presence.


A family BBQ on Mother's Day

Paying for a meal at a restaurant is always a good idea, or even a BBQ at home, even if it is less physical as a gift. In fact, we will soon be making a list of places to go to celebrate with your family.

A beautiful bottle of rosé champagne, for example, from Champagne Telmont, which I recently tasted in white (Réserve Brut), is a very interesting and upright product (for the Réserve Brut), in which Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor. You can see that they are on the way to being environmentally friendly, and it is a very gentlemanly way of doing things.

Also, do not be late!

What not to buy for your mother

Giving laundry or cleaning products, unless she is explicitly asked for them, aren’t great gifts to receive, unless they come up with another gift that will be more festive.

For the woman in your life who is also a mother

How to be a gentleman for Mother's Day - Young family

Whether it is your children’s mother or your spouse who is a mother (or the one who acts as stepmother to your children), they should be celebrated. Talk it over with the kids, ask them what they would like to give their mother (she is not your mother here, so you have to put the kids first). Also, the same ideas as those for your mother can apply. Try to think of things your spouse reminds you of all the time and add them to the kids’ suggestions.

But you can prepare the meal, take care of everything during the day (and do more on other days), give her a little surprise. It has a real gift for mothers who traditionally have the task of doing more for the children (it may be different for you, but I am generalizing). For this day, and others too, try to put your phone aside and give your full attention to your partner (do not forget the kids!)

How to be a gentleman on Mother’s Day for your mother-in-law?

How to be a gentleman for Mother's Day with your Mother-in-law

I know sometimes relationships with mothers-in-law are not the easiest (if it is going well, so much the better and keep it that way), but remember, you are a gentleman. Put your ego aside and fall in line. Make her a favour, join in the festivities, be chic, act like everything is perfect, do not raise your voice, do not drink too much, be sensible, do not cause frictions with other in-laws. It is Mother’s Day, so make it an enjoyable celebration. When it comes to gifts, talk to your spouse, and do not hesitate to contribute ideas or even the subject matter.

How can you be a gentleman on Mother’s Day when you no longer speak to your mother?

Well, it is certainly a more delicate subject, but at the same time, this celebration is an occasion to jump at. It is Mother’s Day, and as I said earlier, put your ego aside, go and ring her doorbell, pick up the phone and give her a call. If you do not feel up to it, write her a letter. That is a start. Take the first steps. You only have one mother (there are a few people who have more than one, but it is not the general rule), you have to take care of it.

On this final note, enjoy your Mother’s day preparation!

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