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Welcome to Gentologie : New Space for Gentlemen

voici gentologie

Welcome to Gentologie! But what it is exactly?

Welcome to Gentologie.

First, it is the site that replaces RDPMAG. But it is also a word that does not mean anything and say everything. Do not look in the dictionary, Gentologie, it does not exist. We leave with a blank page that we will write over the years with the words we consider relevant.

Gent. Abbreviation of Gentleman. 

Distinguished and well educated man.

Logie. From the Latin – logia, of the old Greek – λογί, -logía, derived from λόγος, lógos (“speech, discourse”) with the suffix -ία, – ía.

The contraction of these two words comes to the discourse of the distinguished and well-educated man.

Here you will find the good taste, whether in terms of equality, presentation, alcohol, travel. In short, a return to good manners. These manners that made Humphrey Bogart, Paul Newman, Brad Pitt of the men we adore and take as an example. Gentologie is the good taste for men, but that will be accessible to all.

What’s coming?

Suite Signature Air Canada Signature Suite

Welcome to Gentologie magazine

A brand new magazine, which you can get here, always in digital. Now bilingual in the same issue.

Welcome to Gentologie - magazine

The Club

For Club members, the $ 100 rebate on a $ 300 purchase at Clusier is still in effect. Pierre-Benoit also offers us 3 looks in Autumn magazine, our number 1. We had to start from the beginning.

Other privileges will be added soon.

The Montreal Luxury Journey by Gentologie

On October 1st, we will launch our guide on the various luxury establishments in Montreal. But beware. Not glitzy luxury. The refined luxury, the luxury that makes the food good, that we remember the experience. Sustainable luxury and not ephemeral.

The G Nights

From the month of October, we will do parties to discover you full of things. Beers, cars, scotches, restaurants, art. Short. Everything will be there to make you live thrilling experiences. And it will not be just for men. Everyone will be invited. Except for some evenings that will be reserved for Club members. If I were you, I would subscribe immediately.

And even more. . Welcome to Gentologie community


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