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It is Time to Take your Time – Editor’s Note – Gentologie Magazine Issue 7


It’s been more than six months since Gentologie Issue 6 was launched, in December 2020 to be precise. I took this time to relax, take care of myself. Running a start-up business, especially in the media business, is no easy task. You have to know how to take a step back. And there was also COVID-19…

Don’t worry, I didn’t catch the virus. However, my state of mind was affected. The fact of no longer meeting people, of not attending unveils, of having fewer opportunities to share your passion, it hurts morale. Really.

Earlier this year, I hit a wall. Despite the interesting interviews and part-time contracts, I gave up. The February curfew and darkness certainly did not help. Nothing tragic, rest assured.

Normand Boulanger - Reading

I managed to get up. It was during a virtual conference with the Nespresso team about the launch of the new Vertuo Next machine that I had the chance to meet Neil Pasricha. The author with the contagious smile and incredible joie de vivre had just published his latest book, “You Are Awesome: How to Navigate Change, Wrestle With Failure, and Live an Intentional Life,” and gave me hope. I devoured this collection, which I would describe as a hymn to carelessness, to putting the right priorities, while asserting oneself, in just a few days.

In short, I regained some control over my life and refocused the magazine on the theme of time. So, in this edition, we explore the history of Rémy Martin cognac, a liquid built over time. We also unveil the newest innovations in timepieces, we teach you the basics of wine and food pairing, which will allow you to enjoy the time of a meal. We take the road with vehicles with which you will be able to observe the landscapes of our regions during the coming seasons. Afterwards, admire the outfits that will change you from your joggers and meet the Restaurant H3 team who take their time to prepare for you to taste the best. Discover cuisines that will make you want to get your hands dirty again, and a hotel that brings luxury to the Maritimes. Not to mention several other surprises.

 We’ve had a lot of time over the past year, time to rebuild and become better gentlemen. We had, on the other hand, little time to escape, to clear our minds, on the other hand. Hopefully, the arrival of this new season and a substantial vaccination will give us the opportunity to make up for this lost time…

On that, enjoy our magazine. You can buy the Issue 7 here.

Normand Boulanger

President, Gentologie Media Group
Publisher & Editor in Chief, Gentologie Website and Magazine

Founder & Editor In Chief of Gentologie

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