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Nespresso and Fusalp: A festive collection inspired by the Alps


To celebrate the festive season, Nespresso and Fusalp invite you to enter an enchanting alpine world of unforgettable taste and style that will make you want to hit the slopes just to wait for the end of the day to warm up with a delicious coffee.


Nespresso and Fusalp: Inspired by the French Alps


Advent calendar for Vertuo range capsules

Inspired by the snowy peaks of the Alps, this collaboration unveils a contemporary world inspired by the iconic diamond motif of French luxury outerwear brand Fusalp, a company owned by Lacoste descendants, complemented by a collection of exquisite limited-edition coffees and exclusive gifts.

This season, fill your cup with the exclusive flavours of the season by choosing from a range of limited-edition coffees: Festive Black Double Espresso, Frosted Caramel Nut Flavour or Seasonal Delight Spices Flavour, all available for Original and Vertuo.

The Festive coffee mug and the Festive Barista glass, both featuring the diamond pattern, add a touch of elegance to your coffee experience. Give free rein to your creativity with recipes for coffee-based cocktails and mocktails, including the famous Nespresso Martini, as the company calls it.

The much-anticipated Advent calendars are back, offering a tasting journey through the festive season and, for the first time, including an exclusive Festive coffee mug behind the 24th door.

Find out more about the various capsules and accessories in the Nespresso and Fusalp collections.


Advent calendar for Original range capsules

Festive Black Double Espresso

This year, you can warm up with Festive Black Double Espresso. A blend of Arabicas from Honduras, Uganda and elsewhere takes you to an enchanted world of flavours that makes you feel like you’re at a party—a place where roasted woody aromas and warm notes of sweet spices await you, and where the sparkle of a candied fruit note delights you. Tasted dark or with notes of dark chocolate and candied fruit revealed, Festive Black Double Espresso invites you to make it your festive getaway this season.

Frosted Caramel Nut Flavour

Frosted Caramel Nut Flavour coffee travels to the heart of the festive spirit. An aroma of caramel and almond mingles with the smooth blend of Latin American and African Arabicas to create that festive atmosphere we’ve been looking forward to all year. As the malty cereal notes of the coffees melt into the warm caramel flavour, a hint of almond and vanilla biscuit emerges, inviting you to take the time to sit back and enjoy, while reading our latest magazine, maybe. Try it with a splash of cold milk and discover the festive delights unfolding in your cup.

Seasonal Delight Spices Flavour

Seasonal Delight Spices Flavour

The Seasonal Delight Spices Flavour coffee takes you away to the sights, sounds and enchantment of the festive market. The smooth blend of Latin American and African Arabicas is infused with a deliciously spicy and vinous flavour, making it the coffee with which you’ll forge magical memories. Festive citrus fruits and a blend of spices fill your cup. This season, take a break from the daily grind with this heart-warming flavoured coffee. Add a dash of cold milk and enjoy the spicy cake notes.

Advent Calendar

Discover the daily wonders of this festive season with the Nespresso and Fusalp Advent Calendar. This iconic calendar invites you to discover an unforgettable Nespresso coffee every day and reveal the exclusive limited edition coffee cup behind the 24th door. Treat yourself or surprise someone special with this exclusive Advent Calendar, a gift that brings joy and enchantment to the festive season.

Barista Festive cocktail glass


Barista Festive cocktail glass

Toast the festive season with the Barista Festive cocktail glass, inspired by the iconic diamond motif subtly embossed on the glass. Make the perfect Nespresso Martini or indulge in the creation of your own coffee cocktails and mocktails. Enhance your coffee rituals and discover the perfect blend of taste and style this festive season.

Nespresso and Fusalp festive mug

Savour every moment of the festive season with the Nespresso x Fusalp Festive coffee mug. Made from matte white porcelain, this limited-edition mug combines elegance and design. Inspired by the iconic diamond blouse motif subtly embossed on the cup, it reflects the elegant spirit of this exclusive collaboration. Perfect as a gift, the Festive coffee mug is a true reflection of style and taste.
Available since November 1st and offered exclusively in the Advent Calendars.

Dark chocolate with pink pepper & bergamot

Elevate your coffee experience by discovering the flavours of dark chocolate with bergamot and pink pepper. Made with the finest 70% dark chocolate, this limited edition creation captivates the senses with vibrant flavours of bergamot and subtle hints of pink pepper. A harmonious symphony of tastes that embodies the spirit of the festive season—perfect as a gift or simply to savour a moment to yourself.

This festive season, create unforgettable moments in an enchanting alpine world. Discover them now on the website and in Nespresso stores.

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