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The Best Movies for Gentlemen


In recent months, our evenings often end in front of the television (like Samsung’s The Premiere, that you can get on Amazon, for example), yes there are several series on different platforms such as Crave, Netflix, Disney +, etc., but, that can sometimes be long. Let’s admit that clearing our heads for the time of a movie (or a series of movie) can really do us good. So here are our suggestions for the best movies for gentlemen.


Gentologie’s list for the best movies for Gentlemen

The James Bond movies: among the best movies for Gentlemen

James-Bond---Spectre-Movie - The Best Movies for Gentlemen

Photograph: 007.com

Our series on the best films for gentlemen, arguably cannot begin without James Bond, this series of films which started with Dr. No. and will continue somewhere in 2021 with No Time To Die, is undoubtedly the one that put the spotlight on the gentleman forward, with the late Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Yes, some films have aged a bit cinematically, with techniques having improved greatly over the past 20 years, but the essential of the gentleman and the class will still be present, no matter what films follow. And if James Bond can adapt, we can certainly all adapt to changes in values and change the way we approach women.


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The Godfather Trilogy

Trilogy---The-Godfather - The Best Movies for Gentlemen

Photograph: Paramount Pictures

What an epic that of the Corleone family, which takes us on a journey through the world of the Mafia and the arrival of Italians in America at the beginning of the 20th century. The mannerisms of the characters are not necessarily very gentlemanly, but the class, the way of dressing, and all the traditions are certainly interesting. Without forgetting, the general culture. Why not accompany the whole thing with a good glass of one of the wines of the director, Francis Ford Coppola, offered at the SAQ and the LCBO.

In addition, a new version of the 3rd film has just appeared, to see.

The Godfather Trilogy on Apple TV

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The Ocean’s 11-12-13: A classic in the best movies for Gentlemen

Trilogy-Ocean's 11-12-13 - The Best Movies for Gentlemen

Photograph: Apple

What could be better than reuniting with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and the whole team to practise good manners of being a gentleman. On the menu: Gentlemen-burglars, casinos, Las Vegas, Paris and friendship. An excellent series. You can also see the original, only the 1st, with Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack.

Ocean’s Trilogy on Apple TV

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The Wolf of Wall Street: An example not to be followed, but among the best movies for gentlemen

When it comes to excess, it’s hard to find a movie that reflects this thought well. Yes, for some, the latter is disturbing, but the performance of the actors is quite amazing. Leonardo DiCaprio bursts the screen and brings us back to this delirium that illustrated the ’80s properly. It’s difficult to believe that this period is not so far from us. And gentlemen, don’t be like these characters;)

The Wolf of Wall Street on Apple TV

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Wall Street


Photograph: 20th Century Fox

The first of the two is a great movie. With the great Michael Douglas and a young Charlie Sheen. While we often seek happiness through material things, this film confirms that this is not necessarily the best thing, especially when we want to take shortcuts to get there. The second is the continuation. Also interesting, but less impactful. The world of finance has changed, but the greed for money is just as present. To have.


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The Dark Knight Trilogy (Batman) by Christopher Nolan

dark knight

When it comes to a gentleman, Bruce Wayne is one of the fictional characters to take as an example. Always well dressed, in good manners, most of the time, he gives to the poorest, in short, we also see evolution as Mr. Wayne, played by Christian Bale, ages and becomes more mature. The dark universe of the series brings more realism than the more “toy” films by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher.

The Dark Knight Trilogy on Apple TV

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Photograph: Warner Bros.

Again, the world of Christopher Nolan triumphs. Its complex films always keep us hanging and make us wonder even when the movie is over. So many details. Once more, Leonardo DiCaprio steals the show from this movie. We additionally appreciate seeing new faces in this film, more unknown individuals, but also famous people, the mix is perfect. And the class of characters, well dressed at all times.

Inception on Apple TV

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The Marvel films series

Iron Man

Maybe less gentlemanly, but the characters’ attitudes are interesting. Look at the way men behave, the friendship and they all know how to put their differences aside when the cause is important. With the 24 features of the Marvel series, the most recent of which is Spiderman: Far From Home, you will definitely have several hours of viewing to pass the time and thus re-watch these superhero movies. And you will go through a whole range of feeling. Do not forget to continue the film after the credits, this is often where you find answers to your questions.

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The Count of Monte Cristo: History and Gentlemen

The-Count-of-Monte-Cristo - The Best Movies for Gentlemen

Photograph: Touchstone Pictures / Walt Disney

The evolution of this character from the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas, takes us on a quest to become a better man. That of patience, that of success. And also, to act like a gentleman, to do things right.

The Count of Monte Cristo on Apple TV

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Ford V Ferrari : In the race of the best movies for Gentlemen

Ford-V-Ferrari---Movie - The Best Movies for Gentlemen

Photograph: 20th Century Fox

Here, the gentleman side is more subtle, it tells us what we shouldn’t do while watching the behaviour of certain characters in this story. We remember the friendship between the two main personalities. Without forgetting the cars. It brings out the best and class, that of Enzo Ferrari. It is certainly a script romanticized compared to reality, but which makes racing fans so happy.

Ford V Ferrari on Apple TV

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Enjoy the movies!

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