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Nespresso, The Most Gentleman of coffee

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For some, coffee is a moment of relaxation; it is essential in the morning for others. However, it is hard to miss Nespresso and George Clooney, the brand’s global ambassador when it comes to coffee and a gentleman. I spoke to Julien Carbone, coffee ambassador Nespresso Canada, to learn more about this bond that make it the most gentleman of coffee.

The partnership with George Clooney

How has the long-standing partnership with George  Clooney influenced the gentlemanly side of the Nespresso brand?

It is hard to miss Mr. Clooney, who has always inspired a gentleman’s side with his natural, understated, refined and distinguished air in addition to being the great actor we know. In fact, this natural side joins many of the codes and values ​​that we put forward at Nespresso. To this end, he easily identified with them, and that is why this makes him an irreproachable spokesperson. Values ​​like producing sustainably sourced coffee through our AAA program, for example. He adds that Mr. Clooney knows coffee, life on a farm, the manufacturing process and is involved on the board of directors for sustainability decisions. This combination of passion and the naturalness of Mr. Clooney has strongly influenced the image of Nespresso, which makes him the perfect ambassador for the brand.

Be a gentleman of coffee, is knowing how to taste it

To be a good gentleman of coffee, you must consume different products well and know their tastes, origins, etc. How do you suggest we discover coffee? How to enjoy tasting it?

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In my professional career, I started in a store as a coffee specialist, and I find that today what matters is to consume products that you know. This implies knowing their origin, the manufacturing principle, traceability, and fairness to understand what we are consuming and better appreciate it fully.

To discover coffee, you have to listen to your heart, tastes, habits, and especially know your expectations during your coffee moment. Some people will consume coffee for the richness of the taste, and for others, it will be for the culture or the traditions. Some consumers do not like the taste of coffee, but they drink it for social reconciliation and the warm ritual. So, by listening to your own desires, these are the best conditions for travelling in the world of coffee, and by extension, the Nespresso universe.

Despite the large offer on the market, how easy is it to find the coffee you will love every time? How do you go about discovering other varieties?

It all starts with the journey of discovering coffee; you have to try a multitude of them, which will determine your preferences. When you have your preferences, you may find some contrasts or similarities with your favourite coffee. Like with a meal, it is best to start with mild flavours and increase in intensity afterwards. Thanks to its diverse offer, Nespresso offers a sublime journey into the world of coffee. There are different ranges: 34 coffees for the Original, 36 for the Vertuo and 15 for professionals and the limited editions.

To find what you particularly like, you first understand why we prefer certain coffees over others. Indeed, you have to try different ones and create bridges to new tastes. For example, if your favourite coffee is Master Origin Colombia, you will certainly appreciate the Odacio (Vertuo) or the Capriccio (Original); since these two coffees will offer a fairly present acidity in their aromatic profiles, it will certainly be different from your favourite coffee, but this will be a great way to find out by drawing parallels between different coffees.

The Tasting Ritual

At Nespresso, is there a ritual for tasting coffee or a way to enjoy it that you could suggest to be a gentleman of coffee?

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There is indeed a ritual, and it is very similar to that found in the wine industry (Nespresso has a partnership with the Riedel glass company). When you are offered a coffee, the first thing to do is look at the colour of the crema, the texture, and the brightness to give you clues as to what you are tasting. Next, we move on to smell, where it is recommended to smell the cup to awaken your scent bulb subtly. I advise you to gently mix this precious liquid to develop and bring out the aromatic bouquet by the same token. Regarding the taste, we recommend a retro-olfaction, which will cause sensitivity in the palate, and you will allow you to discover the aroma of coffee fully. Moreover, the more we practice it, the more we will develop our sensory memory. Finally, it is important to remember where the coffee comes from and be fully aware of it to enjoy it in the best possible way.

What are the differences between the coffee formats? Does this change the way you consume it? What should we know about these?

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Photographs: Nespresso

What you need to know when talking about the different formats for Nespresso is that they are created to achieve the ultimate taste experience. Indeed, each of our coffees is recommended in one or more preferred formats, and the reason behind this approach is simple. All the elements that go into the composition of the capsule, that is to say, the number of grams used, the duration of the extraction, the roasting technique exerted on your ground coffee as well as the proportions of the mixture make it possible to define the format having the largest aromatic richness. Thus, each blend inherits a precise vision of taste and format, which can also be found on the box. This approach’s beauty allows the company to target its products according to its customer base.

If you taste the capsule content, which is fully recyclable, in a format other than the one on the box, the aromatic richness will not be what is expected at the base. It is important to know that if we drink a ristretto in lungo format, we risk reducing the product’s essence. The water will dilute the coffee, and the coffee will be stronger in caffeine due to the longer contact time between the latter and the coffee grounds.

Nespresso coffees are offered exclusively in Nespresso boutiques such a the one on Crescent Street in Montreal and on their website.


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