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Look better in 2023: A Matter of Weight?


I must admit that the title of this article may seem disturbing, almost fat shaming. But it is not. I myself want to look better in 2023. Currently, I’m hovering at about 145 pounds for 5 feet 7, I find, personally, that I have a bit too much belly, and I feel it in some of my clothes, and it bothers me. Of course, weight is a personal issue, but it can become a problem for many, even affecting their physical and mental health, talk to those who have a comorbidity. But, there are solutions to your problems, including the Allurion method. As I say above, weight is a personal issue, we are only here to offer solutions to help those who feel the need.

Allurion, not for everyone, but a help to look better in 2023

I heard about Allurion just before the holidays and met the very nice Benoit Chardon, Allurion’s Chief Commercial Officer. Before this meeting, I tested to see if I could qualify for this treatment which aims to be an alternative to bariatric surgery (without the use of medication or surgery), which is always risky. You probably guessed that I didn’t qualify, as the Allurion gastric balloon (yes, yes, no surgery here) is an aid to weight loss over time for overweight and obese adults over the age of 18 with a body mass index (better known as BMI) of more than 27.


The Allurion Balloon

You are probably thinking why it would work. I have to tell you that Mr. Chardon knows his product and his industry very well, he has been in aesthetic medicine for over 20 years. He has worked for industry leaders for all these years. After transforming the medical technology company FILORGA into a global skincare success story, which was acquired by Colgate for US$1.5 billion, Benoît Chardon also led the international expansion of Galderma Aesthetics and CoolSculpting. He created the new body contouring category, helping patients get rid of stubborn fat without surgery. Incidentally, CoolSculpting was later acquired by Allergan Aesthetics (maker of Botox) for US$2.5 billion. He’s been with Allurion since 2018 to help develop and market the balloon.

One pill and done! That’s almost it, but a little more.

First of all, you should know that the treatment costs around $7,000 CA. No, it’s not cheap, but it can save your life, make you feel better, help you get around, etc. Basically, the Allurion Balloon is a balloon capsule in pill form that is swallowed under the supervision of medical professionals without anesthesia or endoscopy.

Allurion---products - Look better in 2023

The array of Allurion products

How it works: you make an appointment (it’s pretty quick, we’re in a private medical solution here, but with doctors with a great track record, selected for their expertise in the field), go to the consultation where they will explain all the ins and outs of the program, you swallow the pill and the balloon will be inflated in your stomach, all checked by quick x-ray and you’re on your way! The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes with an outpatient visit. You will also be supported by the Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion Health Tracker connected watch and app and specialists will have access to this data in real time.

The Allurion Balloon is safe, non-permanent, doctor recommended and can help you start losing an average of 10–15% of your body weight (half of which is within 3 weeks) in just 16 weeks along with their fully supported 6 month lifestyle program. This means that you are not alone in this process, a team of professionals is helping you: trainers, nutritionists, psychologists and more. Moreover, they can observe and adjust if the treatment is not working well. The aim is that you do not put on the pounds again and that you can lead a better life.


The Allurion Balloon and Pill

After about 16 weeks, the balloon breaks down and leaves the body naturally. The results can last a lifetime. Yes, you can put a second balloon back in later, but the aim is not to put a balloon back in forever.

By the time you get rid of the balloon, you will have developed new food preferences, adjusted to smaller portions, and have a new understanding of your body, which leads to real results, not an endless yo-yo.

It is a safe, non-permanent solution that can help you start your weight loss journey and help you look better in 2023.

Why does Allurion works?

Mr. Chardon told me that you get results quickly, because the Balloon takes up space in your stomach, reducing the space available for food, so you get that feeling of satiety and it limits the cravings for nibbles (they are subtle, aren’t they), thus allowing you to reduce the amount of food and lose weight. As I said earlier, it is important for them that you are not alone in this journey. You will be accompanied by a dedicated follow-up team to help you change your eating habits and lose weight in the long term.

Obesity: the real impact on the health system.

As The Gazette wrote it in this 2018 article, it’s expensive to be obese. It’s probably even more so, as the pandemic certainly hasn’t helped our lifestyles by being more sedentary with telecommuting. The math is easy to do. The more overweight you are, the less you want to move, the less you take active transport, the less you cycle, and that’s what makes you less fit (incidentally, I’ll always find it ironic that you take your car to work out). Losing weight can even eliminate diabetes for some people, Mr. Chardon told me. By the way, Allurion’s founders, Harvard medical graduates, got the idea for the treatment by doing their internship in a hospital in the US, and seeing the thousands of obese people who didn’t want to undergo weight loss surgery.

Other solutions for those who want to look better in 2023

So here we are in January, many have taken out a gym membership, but how many will follow it (it’s not new as Time Magazine says so well)? The only way it will work to look better in 2023, on the physical side at least, is to have a trainer, like those at YUL Fitness for example, and to go to the different appointments. Otherwise, you risk losing your habits. Take me for example, do I have more exciting things to do than go running? Sure, but I block out part of my day just for that. And as a bonus, it feels good, I feel better, yes sometimes it hurts, but I lose weight, I gain muscle, and I have more energy (ok, not directly after the run, but in the medium and long term yes).

A final word. If you want to look better in 2023, don’t rely on influencers with thousands of followers who will promise you’ll lose weight with bizarre techniques in a few weeks (they often don’t have weight problems and are often paid to say that), it can be really dangerous for your health.

To find out more about the Allurion programme, follow this link.

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